"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Born on the 4th of July

Yeah, that's right!  After my last update today, things when FAST with Birth Mom.  Labor progressed quickly and before I could even think about updating anyone, we had a baby!  Alllow me to present this little firecracker.  

Eleanor Jewell
July 4th, 2:50pm
5 lb 13 oz
20 inches 

Honestly I can't put the emotions of it all into words.  Not right now, anyway.  The basics... she is healthy and absolutely beautiful.  Per Birth Mom's request, we were present for everything.  Baby was taken to the nursery after  birth and Drew & I went with her.  Birth Mom had time to recover a bit and then we all went back to her room for her to meet baby and take a few photos.  She held Eleanor for a while, our attorney and the hospital social worker came and the papers were signed.  We stepped out so that Birth Mom could privately express her intentions to the social worker and then that was it.  The nurse had us gather our things, we hugged Birth Mom one last time and we left the room with the baby.  It was very emotional, but we had our time together as originally planned (praise God for normal delivery) and Birth Mom needed to not drag out the goodbye.  Once we were in the hall, I asked the social worker, "What now?"  He said, "That's it.  This is your baby."  
Praiise God.  
Of course, our attorney will file the paper work with the courhouse on Monday morning, but the 10 day time line began when the papers were signed.  We really are not concerned about the possibility of the consent being revoked.  It is possible, but it is not likely.  This is honestly the best scenario for Eleanor and for Birth Mom.  I'm sharing all of this news and these photos with you only with the permission of Birth Mom and our attorney.  
After the goodbyes, the baby was taken back to the nursery.  We had already spent the first 1 1/2 hours of her life with her alone in the nursery (per Birth Mom's request and consent) and about that much time together with Birth Mom.  There is not a place for Drew & I to stay overnight (can't sleep in the nursery and it's full of babies right now), so the nurses suggested we come home to sleep and come back early in the morning.  That's what we are doing.  I know, I'm surprised at my own willingness to do this, but this is our baby and my heart knows it.  Also, I've slept about 4 hours in the last few days and could use this last night of uninterrupted sleep!   By tomorrow afternoon she should be discharged and we should be home with our daughter.  
Praise God. 
I'll leave you with our first family selfie.  I love it even more because you can see Alex & Emma's names on Drew's arm.  All three of his girls on one arm.  

End note... 
with the awesome help of a few amazing individuals, Mac has been found safe and sound.  My sister in law, Alex, cruised the missing pet pages on Facebook until she found this post today. 
(It's sideways, but I'm too exhausted to change it, so you will have to tilt your head.)  Yeah, that's my diva dog, chilling in a stranger's home.  Seriously.  He escaped our yard, panicked over fireworks and wound up in a completely different neighborhood.  He found a lady standing in her garage watching the fireworks, befriended her and she took him in and put much effort in to getting the word out to find us.  I contacted her, explained where I was, how he got out and why I couldn't come get him, and then my dear sister friend Cheryl came all the way over here to get him and take him to her house until we are home with baby tomorrow.  (I know she loves me, because she's really not a dog person. Lol)  He's obviously a charmer, as he's the only dog I know who can turn a yearly 4th of July runaway into a five star stay in a strangers home.  Before Cheryl picked him up, I got this text from the lady who had him.  It was captioned, "Chillin".  

Heck, he even got the front seat in Cheryl's truck for the drive home.  Praise God, who even uses friends and strangers to answer prayers for ornery little dogs that run away at completely inopportune times.  

Okay, I lied.  I can't leave you without one more picture of my daughter, Eleanor.  (Insert Alex-like squeal of excitment!)  


The Scott Family said...

Crying tears of joy for the three of you! Praise God for all Hos wonderful blessings. Congratulation!

Kate Hart said...

So happy for all the good news in this post. Welcome, darling Eleanor!