"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Our little girl can't quite be classified as a chunk, but she sure is chunkier. Yesterday's doctor appointment went great, she's healthy and growing. She's up to 6 pounds 2 ounces!! I mean, just check her out...
Timmy time. She picks her head up and can turn it side to side. She's obviously a genius.
 She intentionally makes eye contact and follows our faces when we move. She turns to the sound of our voices. Like I said, she's obviously a genius! 
Snuggles with Daddt. Notice they are both sticking their tongues out. I didn't even catch that on purpose, but it's adorable. 
Funny faces. 
Sitting up like a big girl. 
We are hoping to get an Ergo carrier soon (Drew & I could both wear it), but I've been wanting a K'tan, so I bought myself one. It's much easier to use than a wrap, I feel like Eleanor is quite secure & snuggled in, and she loves it.  The look on her face is relaxation. I promise. 
And look what awesome gift showed up on my door step yesterday! The jogging stroller I wanted!! I'm so excited!  Thanks Uncle Casey & Aunt Sasha! We can't wait to try it out. 
What? You mean you don't have a fan club to hang out with you in the bathroom? You poor things. I'm so cool that I have a baby & 2 dogs (toto does whatever he wants) who follow me everywhere. Yes, even the bathroom. 
I went to Grandpa's this morning. He is in love with my daughter. Seriously, he can't get enough. I was making him something to eat while he held her and then she started fussing. I took him the pacifier, went back to the kitchen, and she quieted down. When I came back into the room I found them both quite content... With Eleanor's pacifier upside down in her mouth. I didn't have the heart to tell him and it was working just fine, but I did sneak a picture. 
And I believe this could be filed under "milk drunk". 

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