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-Henry David Thoreau

Friday, July 3, 2015

Friday, 8:07pm

Sorry for the extended time between updates. There's not much new to share. Small, irregular contraction that Birth Mom can notice but are not painful for her at all. At 6:35 she received the 3rd dose of medication, so the next is due about 10:35pm. The night nurse that just came on said we could do this for 24 hours! Just for this "early labor" stuff, not even counting active labor time to come! I believe my exact word was, "Crap." I mean, really, that's a long time to feel like nothing is happening. Then I realized that we are nearly 12 hours in. At least there's that much.  Hopefully the next time the doctor comes in to check, there will be some sort of progress. Of course, each situation is unique and there's no telling how long the doctor will be willing to let this go on.  Eleanor is doing well, we just have to reposition Birth Mom every so often to keep baby's heart rate up and Birth Mom's blood pressure down. All in all, things are good and uneventful for now. Birth Mom's step mom came to the hospital a couple of hours ago and sat with her so that we could go down to the cafeteria and get something to eat together. Quite the date, no? 
Honestly, it's all so strange. Little more than three years ago Drew and I were sneaking down to the Children's Mercy cafeteria to grab some food and then back to Emma's bedside as we watched the monitors, knowing she would soon leave this world. Now here we are, running to the cafeteria for food and back to Birth Mom's bedside to watch the monitors, knowing Eleanor will soon enter the world. God's a funny guy. I mean that in a good way. God is amazing and I do not fail to see the way he has and is working in our lives. It's artistic, really. I'm grateful and just pray for the grace to fully embrace it all. 
Thank you all for the prayers, thoughts, notes, texts and even you beautiful blog stalkers! We love you all and so appreciate your love and support. I'll keep you posted. 

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Becky and her boys said...

So excited for you! I have been in the hospital waiting on birth mom to deliver our baby, such a God moment for sure! I can barly wait for your updates! Praying for quick, healthy delivery!