"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Monday, July 6, 2015

Home Sweet Home

It's hard to find the time to sit down and blog when the alternative is holding my baby!  Even so, I don't want to forget a thing and I very much want to share this new chapter of life with you all.  So...
Drew and I went to the hospital yesterday morning to be with Eleanor.  We were given a parent/child room for the day so we could be with her while we waited for the doctor.  He did come, we liked him very much and... drum roll please... Eleanor has a healthy stamp of approval!  The doctor was mindful of Birth Mom's history and the fact that IUGR (intrauterine growth restriction) was an issue throughout pregnancy, but couldn't find any reason that Eleanor shouldn't get to go home at 24 hours old!  God is good!  She had her final tests done and we got her dressed for the trip home.  We were afraid that she might be a tad too big for this premie outfit, but we were wrong.  She had plenty of room and the hat was humorously large.  She looked like a old fisherman with a rain hat on and she was not a fan. 
We ditched the giant hat, settled for the hospital hat, buckled her into her car seat and we were ready to go!  We signed the discharge papers and drove away with OUR baby.  Seriously, don't you just want to squish those cheeks? 
We stopped at Target and Drew ran in for a can of formula and came out with $100 in formula and a Halo sleep sack like the one at the hospital so we could swaddle her tight!  Then we came home!  Look how pretty she is with her eyes open.
 Drew went to fix himself a diet coke and the first can he pulled out said "Dad".  He reached back in and the next can said "Mom".  I don't drink diet Coke, but I was happy to pose for this picture with my husband. 
 We had some family come by to meet Eleanor in the evening.  I'm pretty sure that everyone got to hold her just long enough to wish they didn't have to share!  No worries, we have a lifetime to love on this child. 
 Nonnie & Eleanor

 Grandma LaGayle & Eleanor
 Aunt Jessica & Eleanor
 Uncle Jason, Eleanor & Cousin JR
 Grandpa John & Eleanor
 And when everyone left, she finally woke up.  Look at those long, skinny little legs! 
 Baby toes! 
 Kyle & Misty had been in Jonesboro all weekend for Braeden's All Star baseball tournament.  They didn't even go home before picking up Kayla and coming to meet Eleanor. 
Cousin Kayla, Aunt Misty, Eleanor & Cousin Braeden. 
 Kayla was about to burst with excitement to hold the baby.  Braeden was very patient in waiting for his turn. 
 Eleanor just snuggled right in to Braeden and he they nearly fell asleep together on the couch. 
 And then it was just the three of us.  We had a lovely evening at home with our daughter.  Really, I just can't get enough of her.  A quiet house, nearly bedtime and snuggles with my baby. 
The night went fairly fabulous.  The doctor told us that small babies tend to be lazy, so I should set my alarm for every three hours and wake her to eat even if she doesn't want to.  He was right.  She had a feeding about 11:45pm, went right to sleep and I set my alarm for every three hours the rest of the night.  She pretty content to be laid down and sleep in her cradle, but I'd say she definitely is a snuggle baby and prefers that.  I'm not complaining about that! 
A picture from this morning, because I just can't stop taking photos of her! 
 Kyle brought Grandpa over this afternoon to meet the baby.  I thought it was adorable that he was dressed up in his pink shirt to meet her.  He was anxious to look at her, a little hesitant when I asked if he wanted to hold her and then smitten when I just put her in his arms.  Like most everyone else, he couldn't look away from her long enough to smile at the camera. 
Uncle Kyle unwrapped her to count her little baby toes.  The final tally?  Five on each foot.  Whew! 
 And having a moment with Daddy before her last feeding. 
 Honestly, y'all.  I don't even have words.  It's awesome.  I feel nothing but joy and my heart is not rearranging anything to make room for her.  It is still bursting with love for Alex & Emma and there is magically all this new room for Eleanor.  God is amazing like that. 
Another thing... it seems like maybe we will be calling her Eleanor.  She's only 2 days old, but even Drew is calling her Eleanor more than he is calling her Ellie.  She just seems like an Eleanor. 


stephanie said...

My heart is bursting with excitement for your family. I have been following you for years through a mutual friend. So excited. Now sit back and enjoy!

BethAnn said...

Finally a post!!! I've read the one before so many times it's almost etched in my mind.... hahaha SOOO very happy for you ALL. Of course, I will wait patiently for additional posts. Thank you for sharing your newest angel -- If I were any happier for you there would have to be two of me. ;-) God is just awesome.

Amanda Scott said...

Tears of joy for you all! Oh Drew and Mandy, I have loved reading this 'God story' over the past few months. She is absolutely beautiful! Congratulations! <3