"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Tummy Time

I made Eleanor have some tummy time yesterday afternoon.  I couldn't help but think of the stories of babies who hate it so much (Alex comes to mind) and only make it a stressful minute or two at a time in the beginning.  I took an awake Eleanor to her room, spread out this pretty little blanket that we have, and laid her on her tummy.  She immediately pulled her arms and legs in and did this...
 I pulled her arms out a little to encourage something other than a nap.  She hid at first...
but then she moved her head over and was just as content.  7 minutes of tummy time without complaint.  Not bad. 
Just a pretty little outfit from Aunt Jessica. 
 Yesterday morning I put Eleanor in the baby seat thingy (what are they called actually?)  and put her in the bathroom while I took a shower.  She hung out like a pro while I got ready for the day.  I think it may be something about the white noise from the bathroom fan.  Whatever it is, I'm giving serious consideration to moving her cradle into my bathroom so she will sleep this well on her own at night!  Just kidding... mostly. 

 My grandpa is in love with her.  Completely.  You should see him with her.  He talks to her and sings to her and she just watches him. 
 When I went to leave his house yesterday, I told him I needed to run an errand and asked if he wanted to go along.  He NEVER says yes to impromptu outings, but yesterday he did.  Then we got to my truck, he opens the front door, looks back and says, "Which was is Eleanor facing?"  I told him she had to face backwards and said he could sit in the back with her if wanted.  His response was, "Can I see her if I sit back there?"  I no sooner said yes than he was climbing into the back seat.  You've all seen Driving Miss Daisy.  I felt like I was staring in a new film called Driving Grandpa Whimpy and Miss Eleanor. 

John & Alison came over and brought dinner last night.  It was the first time Alison had met Eleanor. 
 Eleanor is doing better at staying awake longer stretches during the day.  Her eyes are fabulous. 
 Her umbilical cord fell off the other day, so she had her first real bath.  She seemed to really like it.  (Also, she's adorable.) 
 Since she's staying awake longer stretches during the day, she's had a couple nights of sleeping better.  Last night she even woke me up when it was time to eat.  Up until now I've had to set the alarm to wake her every 4 hours for a bottle (as the pediatrician says, little babies are often lazy babies and need reminders at first).  I take her waking on her own as an encouraging sign that her body is getting the cues it needs and that she's growing. 
Drew & I have seemingly worked out a pretty good system.  I take the night shift with Eleanor, getting up when she needs to and then when she wakes early in the morning (anywhere from 5-7am), he gets up with her and I get to sleep a bit until he has to start working.  It's working out well right now.  It's strange because I always nurses Alex & Emma, so I was always on baby duty when they were infants.  Sharing that duty is a new experience for us, but it's nice because Drew gets a little bit of time with just Eleanor and I get the occasional break. 
 Cheryl came by this morning.  I miss being right down the road from her, but so thankful to live in a time when a 40 minute drive is all that separates me from some very dear friends. 
For those that have been concerned, Eleanor is 11 days old today.  At the close of business hours yesterday, the 10 day period for Birth Mom to revoke her consent expired.  We formed such a relationship with her over the last 5 months that this wasn't something we really feared, but it is nice to know that that period has passed.  Eleanor is our daughter.   As Esther has reassured me, nobody is going to come and take my baby.  That being said, there are still things to take care of in the coming months.  We will do a home study some time soon (maybe when I finally get the formal dining room cleared of boxes).  It's my understanding that Eleanor has to be in our custody for 6 months before the judge signs the final adoption papers (which would be early January).  She's mine and she not going anywhere, but I will definitely breathe a sigh of relief and praise God when it is all said and done, there is nothing else to consider, no more papers to sign or ends left to tie. 

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