"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

One Month!!

Eleanor was born one month ago today.  One month! Aunt Alex got us belly stickers to wear for monthly photos, so this afternoon we had a photo shoot. I have a Facebook friend who has used the same stuffed animal in monthly photos of all three of her children and I loved the idea. I was hoping I had saved something of Alex or Emma's, so I pulled out their tubs of mementos and quickly found Emma's BIG Minnie Mouse from Disney World. I'm not sure why I chose to save it, over the many other stuffed animals that she had on her bed, but I'm glad I did. Having this Minnie Mouse in Eleanor's monthly photos is both sentimental and provides scale for her growth. Also, it's Minnie Mouse and I think we all know that Harris girls love Minnie Mouse! 
Eleanor Jewell at one month: 
-still wearing newborn sized clothes, but has a healthy appetite and is growing! 
-definitely knows Mommy and likes being worn in the K'tan carrier
-not a fan of riding in the car 
-enjoys early morning snuggle dates with Daddy 
-likes the movement of the MamaRoo, but absolutely prefers being held :-) 
-doesn't mind 5 or 10 minutes of tummy time at a time and can pick her head up and turn it side to side
-completely relaxes in a warm bath
-has Mommy and Daddy wrapped around her long skinny finger! 

We finally got to take our first walk around the neighborhood tonight, thanks to the slight drop in the summer heat. It was lovely and I see years of evening walks in our family's future. 
We've wrapped up the night with a warm bath and snuggles in this adorable hooded towel. 

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