"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Phone pics

I can't go too long without sharing phone pictures or I'll get so back logged that you will miss something! And really, you can't afford to miss anything with this sweet baby.
FYI, the fussiness has been greatly helped by changing from tap water to nursery water in her formula. And this... This lovely, wonderful, magical machine should have been purchased the moment she arrived. The MamaRoo is not a normal bouncer or swing. It has more natural motions and white noise that Eleanor LOVES. It's pricey, but it was 100% worth every penny. I really love holding my baby and I also love wearing her (it's fabulous for our bonding and I wouldn't trade it for anything), but sometimes a momma needs to put the baby down for just a bit. 
Foose graduated from stealing pacifiers and holding them in his mouth to actually eating them.
One of Dad's dogs died last week and that meant that Dash, the dachshund, was left alone. I thought we all agreed that finding him a different home would be best. I took him to the vet on Monday morning, had his eye infection treated, yearly shots, and an otherwise healthy bill of health. I put him on Facebook and tagged my brothers and their wives and by the next morning I had a happy home lined up for him. I went to Grandpa's that morning and this is what I found...
 Yep. Dash was no longer in the outside pen, he was inside. And this... 
He rolls over at Grandpa's feet and Grandpa uses the back scratcher to scratch Dash's belly. So yeah, Dash is now Grandpa's inside dog and they both seem happy about that. Thankfully the home I had lined up for him was understanding. 
I hosted a dinner party on Tuesday evening for one of Drew's coworkers from Canada and the newest person he's hired to be on his local team (and that man's wife & baby). I felt like quite a woman as I wore my baby and prepared dinner. 
By the end of the night, both babies were asleep. We're calling this Eleanor's first sleep over. 
Other sweet pictures from the week... 
I went back to Siloam on Friday to get Mac groomed and to see my sweet friends. Eleanor had her first (of many to come) coffee date and then we went to the Heather Hill boutique. Heidi was looking to buy Eleanor a baby gift and we left with this doggy hat. Seriously. She should wear this everyday. I don't care that it's August, it's adorable. Adorable, I tell you! 
Unfortunately, Eleanor may need some convincing. 
I took E to the old house and had to snap a picture of her laying on the floor that her sisters had laid on. She wasn't impressed, but it was bittersweet for me. 
(FYI, the old house is on the market and our fingers are crossed that it sells soon. There is an open house this weekend and our realtor is doing a great job of getting is out there.) 
Grandpa & Eleanor. She really likes laying with him and I can only assume that she can feel how much he loves her. 
The sign of a seasoned daddy... Uncle Kyle can successfully snuggle & comfort Eleanor while still playing video games. 
Having a serious stare down with Kayla 
Mac has claimed a perch on the stairs where he can keep an eye on everything. I think it's funny.
And finally, rocking the zebra pajamas 

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