"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Monday, September 21, 2015

Yeah, yeah

Yeah, yeah, I wrote once already today, but I have the opportunity to write right now and I'm going to take it.  Eleanor was a real champ and hung out in her swing while I got in some exercise on the treadmill and watched a rerun of Grey's Anatomy. 
I've let exercise fall off the priority list in the last few weeks (um, months) and I'm feeling like that could catch up with me very quickly... both mentally & physically.  Fine, it already is catching up with me.  My jeans are beginning to protest and I've had more grumpy days than I care to admit to.  Must make time for exercise.  It doesn't matter how busy I stay otherwise, intentional exercise is the key for me. Cheryl calls it "sweating on purpose" and I believe it's a must, even when, and especially when, I don't want to.  Just so that it's out in the open, I'm making a real effort to drink more water, too.  I've let that slide and replaced it with iced tea and fast food.  Not cool.  Anyone else who is struggling with this (or your own version of the never ending health quest), let me be your cheerleader.  You got this!  Pick a small change and do it.  For me it is walking and drinking water.  It's not exactly a complicated plan and it doesn't have to be.  You can always add another small change to your lifestyle along the way.  If you are like me, there will also be plenty of times that you fall off the health wagon and have to start back at the beginning.  That's okay, too.  At the risk of sounding like a Nike commercial, just do it. 

Other stuff...

I spend most of my blogging time sharing pictures of Eleanor and I will now take a minute to answer a few questions that I've been getting (since I don't share all of that stuff on here as often anymore). 

1. How's Drew's job going?  Is he still working from home? 
Drew's job is going great and he is still working form home.  He has meetings out of the house at times, but much of his job right now is spent in his home office on the computer & the phone.  He's learning a lot, making some progress for his business, building his team and enjoying the new challenges and experiences.  He hasn't been out of town since Eleanor was born, but he will be going to Toronto for a few days in the next month or so.  He will continue working from home at least until the first of the year and then he may set up an office elsewhere.  For now we are just really enjoying the flexibility that his new position and career affords him.  Even though he keeps himself on a regular work schedule, we still get to peek in and say hello or sit down to lunch together in the middle of the day and we (Drew, Eleanor & I) all really enjoy that perk. 

2. How is birth mom? 
I haven't gotten an update in a month or so.  Last I heard she was doing well and I pray daily that that continues to be the case. 

3. How's Grandpa? 
He's pretty good.  He still lives alone, has the little dog, Dash, in the house and spends much of his time fussing over him.  Kyle & I split the days of the week and take turns checking in on him.  I take him shopping at least once a week and keep up with doctor/medication stuff.  Kyle takes care of the yard and miscellaneous stuff.  It's working for now and so we will continue what we are doing as long as Grandpa is able & so desires.

4. Are you loving your new house & neighborhood?
YES!  This house went from a big new house to our home very quickly.  We love it here and aren't taking a single moment for granted.  The neighborhood is friendly, great for evening walks and it's all around lovely.  The introvert in me is having to get used to the fact that everyone is so friendly and wants to stop and chit chat, but that's a good problem to have. 

5. Is Eleanor an easy baby? 
I'll put it this way... thank you for asking if she's an "easy" baby and not a "good" baby.  Asking if someone's baby is "good" is awful, since the opposite of that would be "bad".  All babies are good, some are just more difficult to care for than others.  But to answer the questions, yes, Eleanor is a very easy baby.  She's a baby, so she has her moments and it's still work, but she is really quite an easy baby.  She's sleeping great, eats well and all seems to be on the right track. 

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