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-Henry David Thoreau

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Bring on the Christmas trees!

Saturday was Christmas tree day.  The tree that I bought at the flea market was purchased because I wanted a 9 ft tree for my new living room and I found a bargain.  Despite Drew's effort & expertise, the lights could no be saved and new lights had to be purchased & strung.  We braved Walmart on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, in the cold rain.  (Note to self: Always buy more lights than you think you need.  You can always take extras back later.)  Short version of the day... 1750 mini LED lights, 3 hours and an extra trip to Walmart... my 9 foot tree was lit. 
 Drew & Eleanor were great cheerleaders throughout the day (and very patient with me as I invented our new tree).  We watched Christmas movies (don't know why, but that sure does help motivate & get me in the spirit) and by 8:45pm we had a decorated tree.  It's huge and it's beautiful! 

 Kicked back on the couch together and admiring the finished product. 
 We also tried to decorate the banister with some garland that I bought at a thrift store and the one extra strand of lights.  We plugged the lights in before we started and everything worked fine, but the garland was awful & stiff and by the time we got the entire length of garland wrapped, the lights didn't work.  Seriously.  I guess I jostled them around too much.  Drew worked so hard to find the problem and fix it, but we finally called it a loss.  We all plopped on the couch for a break (notice the failed garland and 6ft later in the background). 
 Eleanor was looking too cute to not snap a few pictures before church this morning.  Oh, her expressions. 

 This afternoon Drew & Eleanor watched football while I put up our old tree in the dining room.  It's silly & unnecessary, but I've always wanted a house where I could have more than one tree & now I just happen to have three trees.  I used a $5 roll of burlap ribbon that I chose not to use on the big tree & everything else came out of storage boxes from previous Christmases.  I think it's fun to have a tree in front of the window. 

So, yeah.  That's how I spent my weekend decorating Christmas trees.  The scrawny tree is still naked in the playroom and Drew & I have decided that it is to be our family tree.  The tree with our sentimental ornaments.  We'll do that together this week sometime. 

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