"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Remember how I said that I constantly wonder if I'm feeding Eleanor enough or too much? Yeah, I'm still there. The doctor said we could/should start solid foods at 4 months, so I've been watching like a hawk for the signs that she's ready. I was sure she just wasn't, but then wondered if maybe she was. So... We tried rice cereal last night. 
She was adorable and took the few bites pretty easily, but she didn't really care about it at all. She was way happier eating her bib. 
I think we will give it a few more weeks and see if she shows any more interest in anything besides her bottle. She's also seemed to adjust her feedings and isn't taking quite as much as she has been. We're at about 5 ounces, 5 times a day and she seems quite satisfied with that right now. She's obviously not starving! 
A pretty great way to spend an evening.
This afternoon we went to see Mom's new house. They haven't moved in yet, so we had a floor picnic and visited for a while. Larry came along. 
Drew had a busy work day and had  to go back in to his (home) office this evening to check on something. Eleanor went along to help.
I'm pretty sure Eleanor officially rolled over for the first time today. I mean, I watched her do it and I'm 99.9% sure we didn't cheat. I put her on her belly and one arm was stretched out in front of her. I knew that would make it easier for her to roll, so I put it back up by her chest. She stretched it back out, looked at me, turned her head, smiled, pushed with her foot and rolled right over! That counts, right? I couldn't get her to do it again, but she totally did it once! For now, here's a cute picture of her laying on her back. 

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