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Thursday, December 3, 2015

You did it!

Eleanor rolled over on Tuesday!  I mean, she was laying on her back, rolled to her side and then worked her little heart out to get to her belly until she finally did it.  I was watching her work at it and noticed how close she was getting, so I started videoing with my phone.  After one minute I decided it may not happen and I could easily fill my phone with hours of Eleanor wiggling in the floor.  I swear that as soon as I laid my phone down she got her arm out of the way and rolled on to her tummy.  I fumbled with my phone and missed the actually rolling, but I got this awesome picture immediately after it happened.  Just look at that grin of accomplishment!  You did it! 

Our sweet potato eating is still a learning process.  She's not a huge fan, but she's a willing participant.  Well, in this photo she's just letting it all ooze out of her mouth with her tongue hanging out! 
 This morning I decided to pull out the last tub of hand-me-downs and see what we are dealing with as Eleanor gets closer to maxing out her 3-6 months clothes and needs to be in 6-9 month sizes.  I found this tutu in the closet that was a gift and she hasn't worn. I just slipped it on over her pajamas.  Tutus go with everything, right? 
In the hand-me-down box I found quite a few things that she will be able to wear.  The thing with hand-me-downs is that the seasons must align with the sizes and that doesn't always happen. Heck, that happens with all baby clothes, not just hand-me-downs.  I was bummed to find that we had so many 12 month sizes in Christmas clothes and that Eleanor just won't be able to wear them this year. (She plumped up in a hurry, but seems to be balancing out and slimming down now.) Who knows how she will grow, so we'll just save them for next year and see how she if she can wear them then. 
I also found the little white dress that was Alex's.  Alex wore it home from the hospital (the first kid usually gets stuck wearing the ridiculous outfits, right?).  Alex wore it for her first Easter when she was about 4 months old. Emma wore it for her first Easter when she was a week old (but I can't find photographic proof of this) and we took a few photos of her wearing it when she was 4 months old.  We had intended to put it on Eleanor before now, but it got pushed to the side and I didn't get it done.  I thought for sure that we had missed the opportunity, but I was wrong!  Photo shoot! 

By some miracle I was able to go directly to the photos of Alex & Emma wearing it.  This is only amazing because Alex & Emma were born pre-digital and all of their baby photos are prints in albums and boxes. It's neat to have something as simple as a dress tie all three of our daughters together in a small way.   This is Alex at 4 months in 2003. 
 These next two are of Emma at 4 months in 2005. The photos aren't great, but you can tell it's her because she's hamming it up.  My sassy girl. 
  Just one more pic of Eleanor for today. Checking herself out in the mirror. 
Tomorrow she will be 5 months old! Prepare yourselves for the monthly photo shoot with Minnie Mouse! 

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