"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Today Eleanor and I went to Siloam to visit friends and it was lovely. We've been dealing with our realtor as we continue trying to sell our old house (and decipher serious offers from not so serious offers) and I very much needed to just spend a day with my friends. I miss seeing them as often as I did before we moved 30 minutes away. I had a lovely day and was so excited to see Heidi & meet baby Silas! 
Between his hair and her smirk, this picture is bursting with cuteness! 
And don't forget big sister Sophie. 
We've already arranged Silas and Eleanor's future marriage :-)  While I'm joking (mostly) about that, I am completely serious when I say how grateful I am for a friend like Heidi to do this motherhood thing with. 
I also got to have a delicious lunch with Cheryl while I was in town. Visits with her are never quite often or long enough. 
I also had to run a few errands in Siloam, checked on the old house, stopped to see Grandpa on my way home, and swung by the Cemetary to put new flowers on the girls' headstones. 
Eleanor was a great sport all day, but she sure was happy to be home and see her daddy. 
We've been hanging out in the man room this evening and watching the GOP debate. Yeah, our kid is watching the republican debate, but she's wearing tie dye like a good little hippie! 

On a final note, I was beginning to think E was a genius for always looking at my phone when I take photos of her. Then I realized why... 
My phone cover is black & white polka dots and she's just interested in the visual contrast. Oh well, I still think she's a prodigy :-)