"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Saturday, September 26, 2015

I just can't stop

The last 12 weeks (yes!  Eleanor is 12 weeks old today!) serve as evidence that I follow this baby around with my cell phone camera.  I just can't stop.  Every once in a while I pull out the good camera (not often enough) and take some better quality photos.  This little denim jumper was just the cute excuse for a photo shoot. 

 Eleanor's beautiful eyes and expressive little mouth are the reasons that the photo shoot continued for so long. 

 This girl LOVES her Daddy.  I wish I had gotten a better angle of this giant smile, but I was hiding and taking candid photos.  This is her sweet response to Drew's singing. 
 And this is what happens when she notices that Mommy has the camera out.  My, how quickly they learn. 
And just a few snap shots from my phone camera.  These tiny little shoes were in the hand-me-down box from Sophie and they fit her perfectly.  Chunky little baby in tiny little Air Jordan's.  The cuteness was more than I could handle. 

 Eleanor and I went to a few yard sales this morning and let Drew sleep in.  (We live in a much nicer area now and rich people have good yard sales.  Haha!)  We found this Bumbo seat in excellent condition and jumped on it.  She's not quite big & sturdy enough to sit in it yet, but she's close.  Also, please don't ever put your baby in a Bumbo (or any other baby contraption) sitting on the counter.  Not safe, not cool.  Drew was standing right there and that's the only reason we sat her in it to try it out.  I can't even believe she's big & strong enough to sit like this! 

 And this evening in the man cave with Daddy. 
 Playing in the baby gym. 
 This Razorback game is a real nail biter.  Confession, Drew wasn't actually sitting like this, but Eleanor keeps her hands in her mouth all the time & it was funny when Drew did it, too.  Think we can add this one to the picture of them both staring at the ceiling fan last month?