"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Monday, October 19, 2015


On Saturday afternoon Jessica & I threw Alex a baby shower to get ready for baby boy Harris to arrive in January.  I think it was lovely and I will share photos the next time I have time to sit at my computer (where the photos are).  Until then, how about some photos of Eleanor?  Too bad, I'm going to post them anyway.  When Alex & Emma were little I actually had to use a camera to take their photo.  Can you imagine such dark ages?  Now our cell phones provide convenient & high quality photos at our finger tips.  The result is multiple daily photos this girl.  I'm not going to complain about that.  
Laying in her cradle (that has been in my family sincel Kyle was born 32 years ago and been used by many cousins, including Alex & Emma).  
We went for a walk last Friday and it was chilly.  She was so cute in her stocking cap that I could'nt help myself.  FYI, I completely love our jogging stroller and we use it often.  
The Hogs didn't play on Saturday, but Drew & E still watched some football.  Eleanor had her little hands clasped & Drew was saying, "Dear God, please let the Hogs win another game this year. Amen." 
Post bath babies are the best. 
Practicing sitting in the Bumbo & chewing on a rattle.  
Happy to see Grandpa Whimpy this morning. 
We finally decided that a trip to the pumpkin patch wasn't necessary this year and so E & I just bought a couple of pumpkins at the grocery store today.  I sat her on the front porch chair to take her picture with one.  The initial unimpressed look she gave me...
Then she humored me for a bit...
The front porch looks like fall.
Eleanor liked laying in the big part of the stroller for just a bit. 
And her feet are yummy, so I took a picture of them, too.  I meean, really.  Baby toes are the best.  
Our dogs have been staying outside for a while but now it's cooling off at night and they all needed baths to come inside.  I took care of that this evening and they are happy to be inside.  
Toto is becoming quite frail in his old age and is moving slowly.  We are just trying to be gentle and accommodating.  He wouldn't pose for a picture, but maybe later.  
While I was wrangling dogs, Drew & E snuggled on the couch.  Be still my heart...