"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Thursday, October 22, 2015


It's 82 degrees here today. It's beautiful, but my head & sinuses are ready for the first frost and for the pollen to die down. Until then... 
Foose is so sweet with Eleanor. He wants to be so close to her, but is so gentle in the process. Let's call this one "I'm not touching you." 
 This little minky blanket with the ribbon tabs is perfect for her little fingers to grab. 
And this little ball is also great for little fingers to hold on to. 
I found these pajamas at Target and couldn't resist. She's Sully from Monsters, Inc. 
Yummy fingers. 
Since we won't have the entire McCarty clan together before Halloween this year, Kyle's crew came over for dinner and pumpkins last night. No Boys vs Girls this year, just fun for the kiddos. 
Kayla painted hers 
Braeden painted one, but decided one needed to be carved.

Eleanor helped Misty paint a canvas that we will put her hand & foot print on later. 
The guys played video games upstairs. 
Then we all decided that Kyle looks remarkably like Jase Robertson from Duck Dynasty, so Drew got him a hat & we proceeded to take pictures and laugh uncontrollably over Kyle posing & Drew being the photographer. 
Kyle really does look like Jase, though. Or does Jase look like Kyle? Jase is on the left, Kyle is on the right. 
Sasha & the kiddos are coming to visit this weekend. Their livestock & dogs make it impossible for the whole family to be gone for any period of time. I'm sad that we can't have everyone together, but I'm happy for any time to see them. I'm sure I'll have photos of that to share after the weekend. 
Drew's Aunt Paula (Dottie's sister) died last Thursday. I'm grateful he was able to visit her when he was in Knoxville a few weeks ago. We didn't feel like an 11 hour car ride with a 3 month old was ideal, so I'm staying home with E and Drew is going to Knoxville with his mom, sis, bro & sis-n-law for the Saturday morning funeral. Prayers please for safe travel and for the family & friends as they celebrate Paula's life.