"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Thursday, October 29, 2015


I took Grandpa shopping on Tiesday, but he surprised me and asked to go to the big Walmart. We walked the store and paused because Grandpa thought it was important to Eleanor to see the storm trooper. 
Sometimes I ask Drew to take a picture of me because I feel awesome when I'm wearing my baby. Then he goes all Zoolander on me and takes 20 photos. 
Eleanor keeps a pretty close eye on me these days. She was happily hanging with her Daddy, but I walked in the room and got the wide eyed stare. In true Drew fashion, he joined her in the stare down of Mommy. 
Does this diaper make my thighs look big? 
I went to see Heidi & her kiddos on Wednesday.  Silas' hair is still rockin' and he's growing so much. Sophie, Eleanor and I had a snuggle fest on the couch while Heidi was trying to convince Silas to nap. 
Me: We are wrapped up like a burrito. 
Sophie: Eleanor is the meat! 
Few things can make Grandpa smile like snuggles with Eleanor can. 
I can't resist a baby in zebra print. 
Dottie helped Alex to make a bird feeder from a coffee can years ago. It hung on the big tree in front of our old house and we got much enjoyment from it. Tonight we hung it on a tree in our new back yard. 
Do you know what happens when you are wearing your baby and decide it's a good idea to squat down and take a selfie with your dog? I do. You might lose your balance. If this happens then you should just let your rear fall the 6 inches to the ground and call it good. The alternative is grabbing the dog to steady yourself. If you do that, the dog will freak out and you will fall back with exactly zero grace and take a few interesting pictures in the process. 
Everyone is fine. Eleanor was safe and sound, we only fell a few ungraceful  inches, my rear end provided ample cushion for the landing, and Foose did not get in trouble for panicking when I grabbed him to unsuccessfully steady myself. Whew. That was a good laugh!