"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Saturday, December 26, 2015

McCarty Christmas

Drew & I hosted our McCarty family Christmas this year.  Casey's crew couldn't make it back to Arkansas, but we were thankful to have those who could be here. 
Grandma LaGayle & Eleanor
 Opening presents.  Misty took over camera duties so I could help with Eleanor.  Look!  It's me in a picture!  Grandpa Whimpy got the grand kids fleece blankets. 
 I love this picture of Drew. 
 Kayla, Grandpa Whimpy & Eleanor
 Mom & Ken got Braeden a drone! 
 Mom & Ken
 Eleanor was getting excited over ripping wrapping paper off of presents.  Give me more!
 Playing with the drone. 

 And then, because we are so incredibly mature, we went to Kyle & Misty's to watch the boys take the first swim in Kyle & Misty's new pool.  The construction isn't 100% completed, but its so very close and it's full of water right now, so a Christmas Day plunge in 49 degree water seemed like a great idea.  It was 60 degrees outside, but make no mistake that that water was COLD.
 Whew!  Coming out of the pool and feeling a little chilly and invigorated. 
We didn't think Braeden was really going to get all the way in the water, but he certainly did!  
 Victory photo
 Heck, they did it once and sort of liked it, why not do it again? 

I guess no Christmas is complete without a nerf gun fight in Misty's house.  I obviously pulled out the camera to take a few pictures of this impromptu fight (and protected my baby from the destruction). 

Christmas Morning with Eleanor

Eleanor's first Christmas morning was lovely.  Her reaction to her new activity saucer was awesome. 

 Poor Foose, he watched from the window. 
 She's so attentive now and it has been so much fun for us to watch her explore and discover. 
There were a few more presents.  She didn't care much about the sippy cup & pajamas that were wrapped, but she did like the paper and Mommy made her wear a bow from the package. 
 I'd say this expression pretty well sums up her reaction to her first Christmas morning! 

 With Daddy
 And the closest thing I got to a family picture.  Such a happy morning.