"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Saturday, January 30, 2016


Busy day today.  We celebrated JR's 5th birthday with a Star Wars partY. 
Eleanor & Aunt Jessica (it was windy outside & Eleanor didn't like that, hence the funny face)
 Nonnie & Eleanor
 Selfie with my hubby
 Eleanor was really working on a Chewbacca party blower.
JR, excited to be opening gifts. 
 Star Wars cake
 Jessica, Jason & JR
 Birthday boy blowing out the candles

 Finally fell asleep with Aunt Jessica
After the party we went to meet Corbin!  He's simply precious. 
Content with his momma. 
 Eleanor was quite interested in the baby making noise.  I wanted a picture of them together, but was afraid of Eleanor getting too excited (she's a bit grabby lately!).  I thought this would be a safe distance.  The progression of pictures is too funny.  Allow Eleanor to narrate...
1. "Hey, Mom has a camera!  Cheese!" 
 2. "Wow, what is that? Is that a baby?"
 3. "I want that!  I will get that baby!" 
 There isn't another picture of them together after that because I dropped the camera to save Corbin from Eleanor's excitement.  No babies were harmed in the taking of these pictures. 
Finally meeting Uncle Drew. 
 He's the funniest little guy because he has this serious look on his face.  Isn't he precious? 
 Corbin with Crazy Aunt Mandy
 Pat & Alex's friend, John, stopped by to meet Corbin while we were there.  We were about to leave and I asked Alex if she wanted a picture of the three of them.  John thought I was talking to him and so he walked over to Pat & Corbin.  We all giggled and I snapped this picture that makes it look like they are the family.  It was quite funny. 
 The ACTUAL family of three.  We are so happy for them & I'm already itching for another visit. 

Wednesday, January 27, 2016


PTL. Praise The Lord. PTL. 
I'm feeling much better today. That's a praise because when I'm sick I'm grumpy. I still get stuff done, but I'm not always pleasant about it. Also, the pressure in my head was so intense that my teeth actually hurt and that's not cool. I'm feeling better. PTL. 
Eleanor isn't showing any signs of a cold yet and for that I Praise The Lord. I prefer my babies healthy & happy. She's still working on a tooth, so she has her moments, but yesterday I could see a tiny purplish bubble on her lower gums and can only assume that it is from that pesky first tooth trying to break through. Really though, how cute will she be with a tooth? Seriously. 
PTL for a healthy, growing, developing baby girl. 
Want a big one? A BIG ol' Praise The Lord? Pat & Alex welcomed baby Corbin into the world yesterday afternoon! PTL! The report is that's he & mom are doing well. PTL. We've yet to see him (making sure our cold germs are completely gone) and I'm all kinds of anxious to meet this little man. I've seen a few pictures and he's precious, but those aren't mine to share and Pat & Alex haven't shared the big news with the internet just yet. Just wait, when we get to meet him I will surely have my camera on hand. I mean, they call me the crazy camera lady for a reason. 
JR turned 5 years old today. Five! PTL. We look forward to celebrating with him on Saturday. 
Okay, fine. I know you're dying to see more pictures of Eleanor.  Twist my arm. 
Drew said we should just throw away all of her toys and give her empty water bottles to play with since that's what she wants anyway. 
Reading books today. 
The dogs are never far from their baby. 
This little girl is all about her Daddy. 
Aw, mom. Carrots? Can't I just eat pears & bananas at every meal? 
The end. 

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Nephew Day

Pat & Alex are in the hospital and laboring for baby Corbin today!  He was due a week ago, but Alex has just made him so comfy that he's been in no hurry to come out!  They check in to the hospital early this morning to be induced and now the rest of us just wait while Alex does the hard part.  We are so excited for Pat & Alex to become parents! 
Drew is pretty well recovered from his cold, but now I have it.  Sunday night I started feeling bad and no I'm feeling snotty, sneezy and yuck.  Not cool.  Especially since there's a new baby on the way and I won't get to see him until I'm 100% healthy. 

When I had my Alex, I remember having this conversation with my mom...

Me: What happens if I get sick?
Mom: What do you mean?
Me: I mean, if I get sick, what about Alex? 
Mom: What about her?
Me: Who takes care of her if I'm sick?
Mom: You do. 
Me: Oh. 

She wasn't lying. 
Welcome to motherhood.  Don't feel good?  Oh well, here's your kid.  Hemorrhaging snot?  That sucks, here's your kid.  Can't remember what it feels like to breathe through your nose or actually taste food?  Too bad, here's your kid. 

I'm being slightly dramatic here, but not really.  Moms don't get many sick days.  It's got to be pretty bad to call in reinforcements.  I have a cold.  I'm still a mom.
My original point... I'm taking care of my daughter and just praying she somehow avoids getting this cold.  So far, so good.  Still, I'm looking forward to feeling better and meeting my newest nephew in a few days. 

Alex being in labor makes me think about how my own babies came into this world.  I think about my labor & deliveries with Alex & Emma and have such fond (and funny) memories of each.  Meeting your child for the first time is nothing short of awesome.  Life changing.  Drew & I also had the privilege of being the support team for Eleanor's birth mom.  We attended each doctor visit and then, when the time came, took her to the hospital for labor to be induced.  We were with her through it all and witnessed Eleanor coming in to this world.  I consider it an honor & such a gift to have shared in those moments.  I'm thinking of Eleanor's birth mom today and, like I so often do, thanking God for the love & effort she put in to this child that is my daughter. 

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sick Daddy

Drew's been sick all weekend.  I don't think it's the flu (we've all three had the vaccine), but it's surely a bad cold.  He stayed home all day Saturday and Eleanor & I went to Kayla & Braeden's basketball games.  You know Drew feels bad when he sits still and naps off & on all day.  Eleanor has been her normal happy self the last few days and for that I am happy.  Drew's kept his distance, doing all he can to keep his germs from her.  That means we are in the same room, but no hugs & kisses.  (He's not a fan of feeling bad and especially disliking not snuggling & play with Eleanor.)  Tonight we were upstairs and she was in her activity saucer.  We've been trying to get her to wave to people, so for the last week we've been practicing saying "hi" and waving.  Up until now she has just stared at us.  Well, I thought she said "Hi" once, but I may have imagined it.  Tonight Drew waved to her from across the room and said, "Hi".  Eleanor smiled, waved one hand in the air and said, "Hi".  I jumped out of my chair in excitement and grabbed my phone.  I videoed for the longest time and Drew tried to get her to do it again.  I finally put my phone down and then she did it again!  Isn't that how it usually works?  What fun!  We'll see if she starts doing it with any regularity, but tonight it really seemed she was doing it with intention.  I'm the momma & I say that her first word was 'Hi' at 6 1/2 months. 
I made a batch of carrots for her today and she tried them this evening.  We can't say they were an instant hit, but she tolerated 4 or 5 bites.
Each day with Eleanor brings new things and it's such fun. 

 Baby toes.  Be still my heart. 

 Big Pam sent me three quilt kits and now I'm itching to start cutting pieces and tackle my first real project with my Grandma's sewing machine!  I had hoped to start this weekend, but a sick husband and Eleanor's grabby hands prevented that. 
 Kayla & Eleanor
 Grandpa Whimpy & Eleanor
 Sleepy baby.  And seriously, those thighs.  They are fabulous. 

 Surely she could get an endorsement deal with Dasani. 
 Here, catch this! 

 These boys deserve a medal.  Last week the focus was protecting the baby from the dogs.  We are now suddenly protecting the dogs from the baby.  Bless their hearts when she starts crawling.  They love her and are so aware of her.  They lay beside her and never flinch when she gets a handful of hair (or tail or ear or face or...).  I just sit there with them and play referee and the most either of them has ever done is lick her (which she thinks is hilarious). 

Thursday, January 21, 2016

A week of pictures

Good news... The mean teething baby is a happy baby again. Still no teeth, but at least she's smiling again. I have a week of pictures to share...
Too busy checking things out to pose in her new pajamas. 
With Mommy & Mac.
Like dog, like daughter? 
Remember I told you that I made a batch of peas baby food? 
She wasn't a huge fan, but peas are definitely better than sweet potatoes. 
She's doing this new thing where she rocks back and forth when she's excited. It makes for blurry pictures. 
Looking good with Daddy before church last Sunday. 
Holding her own bottle. Sort of. 
She's all about these dogs and they love her. 
Thank God that Mac was trained by Emma, because he didn't even flinch when Eleanor got a handful of his tail. 
On one of her teething/don't feel good days. Still cute. 
One benefit of Daddy working from home... Afternoons visits when we don't feel good. 
More pictures with Foose & Mac. 
We've finally found a baby food winner. Pears! Finally, I've made something she likes! 
I hope we see more snow than this before winter is over. For now we've just gotten a dusting and the major snow is to our east. 
Watching Mythbusters with Daddy and gnawing on the tag of this toy. Yes, there are tags on this toy placed there intentionally for babies to grasp & chew on. Eleanor prefers the actual manufacturer tag.