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-Henry David Thoreau

Monday, January 4, 2016

6 Months

Eleanor is 6 months old today!  Half a year.  Wow.  She's completely worn out from our weekend trip (more posts with more photos on that later) and she had her 6 month check up this morning (complete with vaccinations), so she's not her usual self today.  Even so, I took her 6 month photos to continue the monthly progression and have an update for the month. 

  • weighs 16 pounds 14 ounces (60th percentile) & is 25.5 inches long (25th percentile).  She's a little heavier than she is long right now, but the doctor says that's just perfect, especially considering that she started out small and had to make up for that. 
  • is a drooling machine and puts everything in her mouth.
  • notices if Mommy or Daddy walks by and doesn't acknowledge her... and lets us know about it!
  • has officially outgrown her 3-6 months clothes and is wearing 6-9 month sizes for now.
  • reaches for what she wants & can pass objects from hand to hand. 
  • prefers to lay on her belly and can rolls over like a pro. 
  • is starting to work to reach objects out of her reach and has scooted about 12 inches to get what she wants. 
  • sits almost independently. 
  • has been a bit picky about her first solid foods and prefers rice cereal w/ formula for now.
  • is a happy, smiling, and content baby.
I'll smile because Mommy propped me here. 
 I think I'll try to sit up. 
Just what exactly is going on here? 
 I thought she might be willing to let me try for more pictures this evening, but this is what I got.  Sweet girl just doesn't feel great. 
Can I just lay back like this or do I have to sit up? 
 I don't feel good. 
 What's this?  Let me taste and find out.
 Yep, it's Mommy's camera lens cover and I'm definitely going to chew on it. 

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stephanie said...

Those legs are amazing! Love baby rolls!!