"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Wednesday, January 27, 2016


PTL. Praise The Lord. PTL. 
I'm feeling much better today. That's a praise because when I'm sick I'm grumpy. I still get stuff done, but I'm not always pleasant about it. Also, the pressure in my head was so intense that my teeth actually hurt and that's not cool. I'm feeling better. PTL. 
Eleanor isn't showing any signs of a cold yet and for that I Praise The Lord. I prefer my babies healthy & happy. She's still working on a tooth, so she has her moments, but yesterday I could see a tiny purplish bubble on her lower gums and can only assume that it is from that pesky first tooth trying to break through. Really though, how cute will she be with a tooth? Seriously. 
PTL for a healthy, growing, developing baby girl. 
Want a big one? A BIG ol' Praise The Lord? Pat & Alex welcomed baby Corbin into the world yesterday afternoon! PTL! The report is that's he & mom are doing well. PTL. We've yet to see him (making sure our cold germs are completely gone) and I'm all kinds of anxious to meet this little man. I've seen a few pictures and he's precious, but those aren't mine to share and Pat & Alex haven't shared the big news with the internet just yet. Just wait, when we get to meet him I will surely have my camera on hand. I mean, they call me the crazy camera lady for a reason. 
JR turned 5 years old today. Five! PTL. We look forward to celebrating with him on Saturday. 
Okay, fine. I know you're dying to see more pictures of Eleanor.  Twist my arm. 
Drew said we should just throw away all of her toys and give her empty water bottles to play with since that's what she wants anyway. 
Reading books today. 
The dogs are never far from their baby. 
This little girl is all about her Daddy. 
Aw, mom. Carrots? Can't I just eat pears & bananas at every meal? 
The end. 

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