"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Thursday, January 14, 2016


When I was looking through old blogs on Monday to find photos of Toto, I realized that my blog style has changed dramatically.  Years ago it was primarily writing and some photos.  Now it's primarily photos and some writing.  I'd like to change that, but the truth is that as of right now I have a lot of photos to share and two extra little hands helping me at the keyboard, so the writing part probably isn't going to happen today.  Stay tuned, though, I'm going to try and make time for more writing.  That used to be a big form of exploration and expression for me, not to mention a journal of our lives and I'd like to keep that up. 
For now, photos of the last week or so. 
Sitting in the front of the cart like a big kid.
 Helping Great Grandpa Whimpy shop. 
 This is boring, I'll just chew on Grandpa's cane. 
 With Uncle Pat
 We're in the final countdown to Baby Corbin and getting so excited for Pat & Alex! 
 Sitting with Daddy & giving Ray some serious kisses
 Um, this shirt might be too small?  Maybe.  Definitely.  I don't use hashtags, but if I did I think there are a few that would apply here.  #doesthisshirtmakemelookfat #onlyworeitonce #howarewegoingtogetitoff #itsnotfunny #sortoffreakingout #notimpressed
 escape baby
 She's a fan of Uncle Kyle, especially the beard. 
 McCarty kids have issues with people touching the back of our necks.  Always have.  Ask Kyle or Casey, they will tell you the same thing.  When we were kids and were acting up in public, Dad would gently (but firmly) put his hand on the back of our neck and whisper in our ear.  It was usually something like, "Do you want to go outside?"  Confession: I never had to go outside and I had no idea what would happen if Dad did take me outside, but I did NOT want to find out.  His hand on the back of my neck and that serious whisper was enough to make me behave.  Now that I'm a parent I am fairly certain that Dad didn't know what would happen if we went outside either and was just hoping that the threat of being removed from the situation would be enough to make us behave.  Fast forward 30ish years and my child, my adopted child, seems to have the same issue with people touching the back of her neck.  She cringes and tenses up and right now it's hilarious.  We'll see if that method of discipline works when she's older. 
This daughter of mine was looking so cute this morning that we had an impromptu photo shoot.  I can hardly handle this level of awesome. 

Really, Mom?  The camera again? 
 Okay, I'll play.  I am pretty much adorable. 

 Karate chop?
 Selfie with mom.
 Have I mentioned my sewing machine?  I meant to weeks ago, but I'm not sure that I ever actually did it.  I've had my Grandma McCarty's sewing machine for years, but I haven't been able to use it and wasn't really sure what it needed or how to get it going.  Big Pam has been telling me for years that if I could get it serviced and running that I would love it more than anything I could buy today.  I mentioned it to Misty ages ago and then she surprised me when she found someone to take a look.  A few small repairs and a good  cleaning it is like new!  Basic, simple and built to last.  It's awesome and I'm so excited to get sewing again. 

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