"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Friday, February 26, 2016

McCartys Everywhere

Casey, Tessa & Payson came for a last minute quick visit this week.  It just so happened to also be when Drew had to make a last minute quick trip to Toronto.  I'm not sure how that keeps happening.  Either Drew is avoiding Casey, Casey is avoiding Drew, or fate is keeping them apart.  Haha.  It was nice having both of my brothers and their families here for a bit.  (Sasha had to stay behind & take care of the animals & chores. She was missed!) 
Tessa & Payson watching tv before bed Tuesday night. 
Visiting Great Grandpa Whimpy. 
I may have fed Casey's kids pizza & Cheetos for lunch. 
Tessa & Payson modeling their gifts from Grandma LaGayle

Cousins are tons of fun and completely jexhausting. 

Yep, that's Tessa in a dog bed. 

Braeden dancing
Me & Tessa 
I made my brothers take a picture with me. Everyone smile... 
And then one of Casey's kids ran up to Uncle Kyle & hit him right in the daddy parts. Misty caught it the moment it happened. Not cool (but a tiny bit funny). 
Playing in the nursery. 
Misty & Braeden making dessert.

Grandma LaGayle, Tessa & Eleanor 
Getting a picture of all 5 kids is a challenge. Misty got this one. 
I got this one. 
Casey & the kids headed home Thursday morning and Eleanor spent most of the day like this. Completely exhausted & overstimulated. 

After plenty of Mommy snuggles, a good long nap, and Daddy coming home, she slept much better last night and is back to her normal self. We even did a little shopping this morning. 

Monday, February 22, 2016

New shoes

Is this an attitude that I see in her eyes? I think so. It quite clearly says, "I'm done shopping. Take me home. This is your final warning before I start making noise."
We made it home without incident to find that Eleanor's new shoes arrived today. She's quite pleased. 
When Eleanor makes that face, it reminds me of this picture of Emma at Sea World during the Shamu show. She was imitating Shamu opening up for a fish. Silly, sassy girl. 
I needed to clean out my car this afternoon (you don't need to know how many water bottles were in the back floor board- that knowledge would help no one), so I pulled the walker into the garage. Go ahead, tell me she isn't the one of the cutest things you've ever seen. 

Sunday, February 21, 2016


It has been seriously beautiful here the last couple of days. It's February and it's been in the 70's. 
We had the windows open and enjoyed the fresh air in the house a bit and it felt so lovely that I took a picture (as if you'd be able to feel it, too). 
Guess whose sleeping in her own room now? The transition from our room to the nursery has gone remarkably well. Even Mommy is doing reasonably well, considering my baby is sleeping on the opposite end of this big house. (Side note: we bought a fancy video monitor before she made the move across the house.)  Here's a snap shot of her sleeping (the super cool monitor has night vision and we can watch/hear her using an app on our phones. It's mostly cool and only slightly creepy).
Breakfast time. 
"Who put my toys in this box?"
Went for a walk, held Mommy's water bottle. 
Eating is going great and I've figured out that if I mix veggies she's not crazy about with fruit she likes then everybody is happy. Looks nasty, but she likes it. This one was peas & bananas. 
Honestly, she loved it. 
Back & forth between basketball games & a friend's birthday party on Saturday. She was so fussy so I climbed in the back with her while Drew was driving. 
"Wait, are you taking pictures of me? Okay, I'm ready." 
"Just kidding. I'm so tired and grumpy. Stop trying to make me smile." 
Got a package of homemade goodies from Big Pam and her friend Jan. This minion quilt is Drew's favorite. 
A good night of sleep in her own room and she's all smiles again. 
Ready for church. 
Post church nap. Seriously, though, those thighs. 
Watching the first day of NASCAR with Daddy.