"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Monday, February 8, 2016

Shots & Dogs

Drew left very early this morning and will be in Mexico all week, so Eleanor & I are flying solo.  Well, solo together.  As a pair.  Whatever, we are here and Drew is not.  I'm trying to be cool with the fact that I'm here in 38 degree temps with 20mph winds while he is in Cancun. It's a work trip and there will be meetings, but it's Cancun and there will also be beach time & fun. This is me, putting on my big girl undies and dealing with it. 
This morning I took Eleanor to get her flu shot booster and her hep B vaccine.  At her 6 month visit we did all scheduled vaccines except that we wanted her to have her flu shot & so the doctor suggested we hold off on the hep B for a month so we didn't overload her.  Also, babies getting the flu shot for the first time have to have a booster, so we went this morning for the flu shot booster & hep B vaccine.  While we were there I got a text from Drew to see how it went.  It was such perfect timing that we took this super sad picture to illustrate how it went.  (Her lip curl and cry was real, mine was for dramatic purposes.  Lol)
 She's quite tough and didn't cry long.  We went to get Grandpa and took him to do his weekly shopping.  We're back home for the day and I'm very much looking forward to not going anywhere else all day.  Being an introvert, the occasional day (or two) at home without anyone else (yes, even my husband) is good for me.  Eleanor is happy and that makes it even better. 
 I started taking pictures of her & the dogs because she was so excited to play with them.  She was waving her arms around and grunting at them. 
 It turned in to taking pictures of the dogs.  Mac went to the groomer last week and is looking particularly dapper. 
 This was meant to be a picture of Foose and I snapped a couple to try and get a good one.  I decided they weren't great and was just about to delete them when I noticed Eleanor in the background.  She has such a ornery look on her face as she reached for him and pats his back that I just had to include them. 

 "Hey Foose!"
 He gave her hand a big lick and she thought it was funny. 
 Mac looked at me as if to say, "I'm being good, right?  I'm not getting too close to her and I'm being sweet." 
 Look at the stare that Foose is giving that block.  He wants it SO bad and I can tell that he gives all his effort to keep from stealing one and taking off. 

Okay, that's all the baby & dog pictures I have for now.  You never know, I could have 10 more later, so stay tuned. 

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