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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

9 month check up

A couple of months ago I showed Drew this picture and told him I thought it would be great for toy storage in the living room. 
On Saturday we went to Lowe's for lumber and then he pulled out his woodworking tools to make it happen. 
Eleanor sat in the stroller while I pruned the hydrangeas in the front flower beds (while Drew continued working on the cubby shelf). 
By the end of the day we had this beautiful piece of furniture. 
After we put Eleanor to bed I started staining it. Word to the wise... Do NOT use old stain left over from a previous project. It was uneven and then I ran out. To fix it, I had to go much darker than planned, but by the time it was done we were both quite happy with the finish. It looks antiqued and we're just going to claim it was on purpose. Okay? 
It looks great in the house and Eleanor approves. 
Being silly. Is that a puff on your nose? 
Eleanor & Corbin 
Drew & Corbin
He's smiling now (especially at his daddy)! 
Don't leave this girl unattended on the couch. She's not technically crawling, but she's definitely moving. 
Monday was so warm that we had to take time for a swing at the neighborhood playground. 
We had Drew's work people over for dinner Monday night and made it a sort of baby shower for a gal about to have a baby. We got a cake & ballon (which Eleanor claimed as her own in the store). 
This morning Eleanor had her 9 month well child visit at the pediatrician (just a couple weeks early). She weighs 18 lb 4 oz and is 26 inches long. That puts her at the 50th percentile for weight and 10th percentile for height. Her height has stayed pretty steady at 10% her whole life. Her weight started out very low on the charts and then shot up to above 50% as she made up for lost time. Now she's sitting right at 50% and the doctor is happy about that. He suspects that she will slim down a bit when she starts walking. If her consistent percentiles on the height chart is any indication, she will likely not be very tall. That makes sense given that birth mom was only 5'2". 
She's hitting all of her developmental milestones and that's awesome. The doctor said she will likely start crawling soon, but she's already figuring out how to get around (she's starting to scoot on her bottom) and that's great. 
The last two nights have been fairly awful. My wonderful baby who sleeps 11 hours with little waking has transformed in to a loud, crying, stress inducing hater of sleep. It's not cool. Even all day yesterday she was a crying, grumpy mess.  I've had a head cold and we were wondering if maybe Eleanor had a touch of something causing this constant waking & frequent crying. She's not got any teeth close to coming through. Dr. Swindle confirmed that her ears and throat are perfectly healthy, there is no swelling or signs that new teeth are close, and there's no other obvious reason for the grumpiness and crying through the night. Awesome. There are two possibilities. 
1) she's been have some trouble with her bowels and maybe her belly hurts. 
2) she's at the age when some kids have sleep regression and decide not to sleep. Combined with the very normal (but often annoying) separation & stranger anxiety, my sweet baby becomes quite contrary. 
Please God, let it be the first option. He said to give her juice to keep things moving and I'm praying that helps. I'm completely spoiled by having a good natured, happy, content, mild mannered, happy to sleep baby. That's not easy to let go of. 
No matter all of that, she's a healthy, growing, typically developing little girl and I love her even when she refuses to sleep! Thanks be to God. 
Oh, and Larry went to the doctor with us. He's healthy, too. 


Becky Hogan said...

I'm soooo glad you posted... I needed my Eleanor fix and recent pics!
Thanks be to God for a healthy, yet grumpy little doll.
Love, Aunt Becky

My Life said...

I found your blog a while back and have read most of it from the beginning until now. God bless you and your family! I love seeing updates on Eleanor. I love the toy storage shelf! Just one precaution and you may have already done it, but make sure that it is anchored to the wall. When my children were young they loved to climb on everything. It has perfect steps for little ones to climb on.

Reading your story reminds us all that God is always with us. And with his help we can get through anything. Thanks for sharing!