"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Thursday, March 10, 2016


I'm behind on posting pictures for you all. Let's catch up.  From the last week or so...
Drew put together our new basketball goal. 
Sometimes I put Eleanor on the kitchen rug while I try to get a few things done. This day she was so interested in my shoe laces that I let her have my shoes, just so I could get dinner together. 
Eleanor, Kayla & Braeden 
Playing basketball on our new goal. And yes, you can add basketball to the list of things I can do while wearing my baby. 
Stretching? I'm told this is a real yoga pose called "happy baby". 
Date night! 
Playing in the pack n play like a big girl. 
Excited about her new book from Uncle Pat, Aunt Alex & Corbin. 
We have found that Halo makes a sleep sack for babies that works great to keep Eleanor warm at night. You aren't supposed to put a blanket on babies because of the risk of suffocation & increased risk of SIDS. Halo makes the swaddled blankets that lots of newborns like, but this is a wearable blanket for bigger babies. Side note: I found two used ones at the consignment sale this week and was super pleased to pay $4 instead of $25. Waking up in her crib...  
You know that I've been making Eleanor's baby food. I've continued that and really enjoy it. She's eating the baby food I make and more table foods, but I have found the need to have something healthy & prepackaged in our bag for emergencies or travel. I've become so used to making her food that I actually had to take a deep breath in the baby food aisle & convince myself to just buy a few things to try. Eleanor's favorite brands: Ella's Kitchen, Earth's Best, and Gerber Organics... all of these are pouches and a bit more expensive, but she likes them best. They are all organic and come in different varieties with fruit, veggies & grains. What she definitely doesn't like? Gerber jarred meals. Gag. 
Happy baby
Something about shoe laces. She can't resist. 
She's not crawling, but she's figuring some things out. She was sitting on the blanket and playing with toys, but she spotted Grandpa's cane and got onto her belly so she could reach it. It worked. 
Sweet sleeping girl. She likes this blanket from Jan, I guess it's the perfect amount of snuggle for a nap in the car. 
Chewing on the tail of her sock monkey. 

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