"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Monday, March 28, 2016

Sleep & stuff

Eleanor's sleep had been pretty good the last week (though I hate to put that in print for fear that she'll prove me wrong again). If you prayed for her to sleep, thank you!  For the last week the normal has been rocking her to sleep between 8 & 9pm (I love rocking her to sleep!) before laying her in her crib and then we don't hear from her again until about 5:30am. I can usually get up and give her a pacifier and she will sleep until about 7. I'm so grateful for sleep! 
I posted Easter pictures yesterday, but I've got a week's worth of cell phone pictures to share.
She thinks she wants beef jerky. 
With Kayla & Braeden. 
We've officially outgrown 6-9 month clothing. 
It got cold again last week. 
Grandpa tried to give her a bottle. She thought it was hilarious. 
She had accumulated quite the fuzzy baby hair mullet on the back of her head... 
So when I went to get my hair done last week, Kendra trimmed Eleanor's old man strip of fuzzy hair. Eleanor was NOT a fan. 
It was traumatic.
It really doesn't even look any different. Sorry Eleanor. She did cheer back up later in the day. 
Since Drew works from home and likely will continue to work from home for at least another year (and quite possibly longer than that, which I'm totally happy about), I've been brainstorming a way to make his office more private and immune to normal daily noise. His office is awesome, but the hardwood floors, high ceilings and French doors make noise (aka, Eleanor's lovely voice & normal household noise) an issue. My solution? Heavy velvet drapes (think movie theater). I'm really happy with how it looks and Drew's happy with the functionality of it. 
Hanging hardware...
Curtains up and pulled back with doors closed (view from inside his office)...
Doors open... 
And closed...
Look who scooted across the kitchen floor and opened a drawer. 
Drew & his dad went fishing Friday and had quite the catch. 
On Saturday we took a day trip to Eureka Springs. Just because. It was a beautiful day and we had a great time. 
Can't go to Eureka without eating a Bubba's BBQ. Yum! 
"Give me more pulled pork!"
We stopped at the dam and walked down to the river. Beautiful. 
Playing with her Easter egg gift from Grandma LaGayle (and being cute). 
I'll be 36 next week. AARP is trying to recruit me. Not cool. Stop already. I'm not THAT old and you're wasting your advertising $. 
I'm not sure how a kid can move so far without crawling. She moved more than 5 feet across the floor. It's adorable & entertaining (and a warning of what needs to be baby proofed). 
Relaxing on Sunday evening and watching Batman movies. 

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