"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Sick. So sick.

We went to Corbin's baptism on Sunday (of which I have lots of pics on the computer to share later, but none on my phone to share right now).  Oh, I have this one of me and Drew, just because I think he's cute. 
We spent the afternoon working in the yard. Drew mowed & edged for the first time this year while Eleanor & I put down fresh mulch in the front flower beds. I have a feeling that a decent amount of Eleanor's childhood will include this wagon. 
Monday started out normal with a visit to Grandpa's and then back home where Eleanor & I did laundry and then went for a walk.  All was good... 
Then, out of nowhere, I was throwing up. Sick. So sick. Violently and frighteningly sick. Thank God Drew was here and able to take Tuesday off work to take care of Eleanor. I don't remember ever feeling so terrible. Technically I guess I had a 24 hour bug, since that's how long the horror lasted. (I'm being a little bit dramatic here, but it really was awful.) I've been frustrated yesterday & today because it's taking me so long to get my energy & strength back. It's slow going, but I'm getting there. I didn't exactly win any parenting awards yesterday, but we survived.  Crackers? Check. Television? Check. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. 

Sunday, April 24, 2016


Kyle & Misty's new pool is open and, thanks to the heater, is warm & tons of fun even in April!  
Friday evening:
First time in the water... 
The boys went fishing Saturday morning and then we all wound up back in the pool.  
"You want me to touch that?" 
"Um, no."
"Okay, I'll do it." 
And when we need a break from the sun...
Also, I don't have photographic proof, but we have a crawler. She did it for Drew Friday night and a few times since! Put up the baby gates! 

Friday, April 22, 2016


Happy to have Cheerios & turkey for lunch. She's eating less & less baby food and more & more real food. 
Eleanor is pulling up onto her knees on her own, but is happy to stand if you put her that way. 
We put the canopy on the wagon. It's cute, but I'm undecided on if it's actually useful or just in the way. Either way, Eleanor likes it best when the wagon is moving (or in the backyard where she can interact with the dogs). 
Our garden is planted! Fingers crossed that we actually grow some veggies. 
 -Amish Paste Tomato (good for slicing, sauces & salsa)
-sweet 100 (sweet cherry tomatoes for salads & snacking) 
-2 okra
-yellow squash
-zucchini squash
I'm as prepped as I can be. I'm still very new at this gardening thing and after lots of reading and research, I decided that the best thing I could do was to plant and see what happens. Fingers crossed. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Back & Forth

Eleanor is still working on those top teeth (only one is through so far) and that makes for lots of back & forth in the mood department. 
She's curious and scooting to the stairs to check things out. She's not completely pulling up, but is starting to pull up onto her knees to get a better peek at things. 
We spent Saturday finishing up the raised beds & filling them with soil & compost. 
She was mad about something, but her doggies were taking care of her. 
I've spent so much time checking her teeth lately that she often returns the favor and check my teeth. 
Super girl is a pro at rolling the ball back & forth. 
Practicing standing and moving those legs with Daddy (which she thinks is hilarious and the reason for the blurry picture). 
The off and on fussing (and ear pulling and a few tummy issues) continued and by Tuesday morning she woke up crying and spent a good while inconsolable. It got a bit better after some Tylenol, but  not for long. By 11am I had decided that perhaps I was missing something and called the doctor for an appointment. Of course, by the time I got to her appointment she was all smiles and chit chat again. 
Doctor's findings: Perfect ears with no infection, but with some clear fluid on them. That's probably from spring allergies. Teething pain can also cause ear pain (and general fussiness, of course). Tummy problems? Who knows. He said maybe a bit of a bug. Crying and crying and more crying? Combo of all of the above.  Verdict? She's fine and an $80 bill. Give her some Zyrtec for allergies or Tylenol for pain when necessary. That's our first trip to the doctor for anything besides a well visit and there wasn't actually anything wrong.  Oops.   
She took a late nap after the doctor and was up until after 10 last night. Crazy baby. At least she was happy. 
Checking on Grandpa this morning. She has multiple toys to choose from, but she wants the dog leash & Grandpa's exercise pedals. This is an uh-oh face from getting caught. 

Friday, April 15, 2016

Wagon & Dirt

Money can't buy happiness, but it can buy a wagon and that's almost the same. 
(Also, I didn't know that wagons don't come with the wheels attached.) 
I'm quite proud of putting it together by myself and Eleanor was all kinds of thrilled. 
The box said 1 1/2 years+, but this adorable 9 month old was an instant expert at wagon riding. We bought dirt to start filling the raised beds and all afternoon yesterday we spent hauling bags of soil through the back yard. I am absolutely certain that I won't be able to grow anything in the garden that is more beautiful and cheery than this girl. 
20 bags of top soil & compost so far and I'm going to guess that we need 30 more to fill the beds properly. We will finish that tomorrow (my Explorer isn't the best method of hauling soil, so we're waiting for Drew & his truck to be home) and let it settle for a few days before I plant. I'm so excited to see what we can grow (and eat!) this year! 

Wednesday, April 13, 2016


How about some pictures? 
Sunday was TOO cold for baseball. We went anyway. Thank goodness Misty had an extra hat & blanket. 
We have a great neighborhood for walking and it's extra exciting now that Eleanor is sitting forward in the stroller. This is how we roll. 
So many toys. She would rather chew on a lid. 
I like to snuggle this girl while she naps and I don't feel the slightest bit guilty for it. 
Drew is in Toronto this week. Eleanor has decided that sleeping all night is for chumps and that a 7:30 bedtime is for babies. This is me, trying to be amused over how wide awake she was at 9pm.
Speaking of not sleeping (prepare yourself for the mother of all run-on sentences)... when the baby wakes up for the 4th time, it's now 5:30am, you know good and well that she's not ready to get up (despite her eyes being wide open & her very loud demands), but she really needs a dry diaper if she's going to lay in bed with me... please tell me why on earth anyone ever thought that the sole opening of footie pajamas should be a single zipper from her neck to her foot. Why? Tell me why! There is no way to casually change a diaper without getting the baby nearly naked and waking her completely up. For the love, there must be a better way. She's so nice and snuggly in footie pajamas, but that zipper is just ridiculous. Ridiculous, I tell you. 
Despite more frequent waking and my irrational 5:30am anger over a zipper, we're having a good week. Missing Daddy, but we're good. Also, green beans are delicious. 
Nonnie is doing quite well since her surgery and we were happy to visit her this week. 
I've had the legs off of this toy so that Eleanor could sit & play with it, but this morning she was pushing/pulling up on it.
So I put the legs on it and stood her up. She just stood there holding on, obviously thrilled with herself. I feel like her face is saying, "holy cow, do you see what I'm doing?!" 
But the morning went downhill from there. Pretty sure it's teething pain, as another tooth is nearly breaking through. Boo for teething and a fussy baby. 
Yay for Tylenol and a graham cracker. 
Extra cheers for bananas and self feeding. 
And for the necessary bath that followed to get the bananas out of her ears and hair.