"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Back & Forth

Eleanor is still working on those top teeth (only one is through so far) and that makes for lots of back & forth in the mood department. 
She's curious and scooting to the stairs to check things out. She's not completely pulling up, but is starting to pull up onto her knees to get a better peek at things. 
We spent Saturday finishing up the raised beds & filling them with soil & compost. 
She was mad about something, but her doggies were taking care of her. 
I've spent so much time checking her teeth lately that she often returns the favor and check my teeth. 
Super girl is a pro at rolling the ball back & forth. 
Practicing standing and moving those legs with Daddy (which she thinks is hilarious and the reason for the blurry picture). 
The off and on fussing (and ear pulling and a few tummy issues) continued and by Tuesday morning she woke up crying and spent a good while inconsolable. It got a bit better after some Tylenol, but  not for long. By 11am I had decided that perhaps I was missing something and called the doctor for an appointment. Of course, by the time I got to her appointment she was all smiles and chit chat again. 
Doctor's findings: Perfect ears with no infection, but with some clear fluid on them. That's probably from spring allergies. Teething pain can also cause ear pain (and general fussiness, of course). Tummy problems? Who knows. He said maybe a bit of a bug. Crying and crying and more crying? Combo of all of the above.  Verdict? She's fine and an $80 bill. Give her some Zyrtec for allergies or Tylenol for pain when necessary. That's our first trip to the doctor for anything besides a well visit and there wasn't actually anything wrong.  Oops.   
She took a late nap after the doctor and was up until after 10 last night. Crazy baby. At least she was happy. 
Checking on Grandpa this morning. She has multiple toys to choose from, but she wants the dog leash & Grandpa's exercise pedals. This is an uh-oh face from getting caught. 

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