"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Wednesday, April 13, 2016


How about some pictures? 
Sunday was TOO cold for baseball. We went anyway. Thank goodness Misty had an extra hat & blanket. 
We have a great neighborhood for walking and it's extra exciting now that Eleanor is sitting forward in the stroller. This is how we roll. 
So many toys. She would rather chew on a lid. 
I like to snuggle this girl while she naps and I don't feel the slightest bit guilty for it. 
Drew is in Toronto this week. Eleanor has decided that sleeping all night is for chumps and that a 7:30 bedtime is for babies. This is me, trying to be amused over how wide awake she was at 9pm.
Speaking of not sleeping (prepare yourself for the mother of all run-on sentences)... when the baby wakes up for the 4th time, it's now 5:30am, you know good and well that she's not ready to get up (despite her eyes being wide open & her very loud demands), but she really needs a dry diaper if she's going to lay in bed with me... please tell me why on earth anyone ever thought that the sole opening of footie pajamas should be a single zipper from her neck to her foot. Why? Tell me why! There is no way to casually change a diaper without getting the baby nearly naked and waking her completely up. For the love, there must be a better way. She's so nice and snuggly in footie pajamas, but that zipper is just ridiculous. Ridiculous, I tell you. 
Despite more frequent waking and my irrational 5:30am anger over a zipper, we're having a good week. Missing Daddy, but we're good. Also, green beans are delicious. 
Nonnie is doing quite well since her surgery and we were happy to visit her this week. 
I've had the legs off of this toy so that Eleanor could sit & play with it, but this morning she was pushing/pulling up on it.
So I put the legs on it and stood her up. She just stood there holding on, obviously thrilled with herself. I feel like her face is saying, "holy cow, do you see what I'm doing?!" 
But the morning went downhill from there. Pretty sure it's teething pain, as another tooth is nearly breaking through. Boo for teething and a fussy baby. 
Yay for Tylenol and a graham cracker. 
Extra cheers for bananas and self feeding. 
And for the necessary bath that followed to get the bananas out of her ears and hair. 

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Becky Hogan said...

In your "spare time" why don't you design some practical baby footie
PJs! Remember that movie with Diane Keaton who "inherited" a baby and left the corporate world? She moved to Vermont, made her own
applesauce and it flew off the shelf. Also found love w/Sam Shepherd. Lol You gotta keep Drew, though! Love,