"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Monday, June 27, 2016


There's a little girl in my house who is nearly a year old. What in the world? I've bought a few decorations & a birthday hat and we're ready to celebrate this weekend. 
We are a week from her first birthday and so yesterday I added a bit of whole milk to her regular bottle. I read that that is a good way to transition from formula to milk, so that's what we are trying. So every few days I'll do a little more milk and a little less formula until we are totally on milk. It's going fine so far. I have noticed that since we are down to two bottles a day, one in the morning and one before bed, that she wants her pacifier more than usual. 
She's eating great throughout the day (mac & cheese is a newly discovered favorite) and drinking water. We've also finally started drinking from a straw some. I don't know that she's getting much from it right now because when she starts sucking she gets excited and stops to cheer for herself :-) 
She has two new tricks. 
1) she can sit down gracefully from a standing position. 
2) she will flex her arms when you ask to see her muscles. 

A few pics from the last week. 
Date night
We had dinner with Kyle & Misty and tried a new wine. It was pretty good and I'd definitely enjoy it again (sorry I don't have actual wine tasting descriptions, I'm new at this). 
We went to NWA Escape Room and  left feeling pretty smart for solving our mystery in less than 60 minutes. 

Eleanor has discovered that it's fun to throw things over the side of the bath tub. 
Playing in the baby pool at Nonnie's house. 
Pretty girl. 

Floating at Aunt Misty's house. 
Carrie, Mollie & I went to see Rachel Platten at the AMP. 
We are preparing for the 4th and the fireworks that scare the you know what out of our dogs. Eleanor is much more interested in the kennels than the dogs. 
We got Eleanor's room rearranged with the twin bed. Alex & Emma had matching beds that we passed on to Jessica for JR and any future children. We didn't plan on having more children and they thought they may have another. As fate would have it, they have decided to stick with just one child and Drew & I now have one child. So, we got one bed back and have put it in Eleanor's room for when she's bigger. But not yet, because I can barely handle the thought of her turning one. Let's stick with the crib for now :-) 

Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Eleanor and I are having an inside afternoon. It's hot outside, she's been fussy, and we are both appreciating a cool & quiet afternoon in the playroom playing with toys and watching Netflix. 
We had friends over for dinner last night and my dinner was worth reporting on. I made Misty's yummy lasagna recipe and then for dessert I made blueberry crumble. We've been eating fresh blueberries and banana blueberry smoothies for a week, but this blueberry crumble was worth writing home... Or blogging about. Here's a link to the recipe. It's easy and delicious. Oh, and serve it with vanilla ice cream.  It is NOT weight watchers friendly, but it is delicious. It's fairly large, so if you're only feeding 4 or 5 people, halving the recipe would still make plenty. 
Eleanor needed entertaining while I was preparing dinner (and Drew was still working), so I gave her full access to the Tupperware cabinet. 
Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Summer is here and it's hot! Eleanor is handling the heat pretty well and has started drinking some water from a sippy cup, though she would rather have drinks of water from my cup. She seems to have given up her afternoon bottle as of last week. That leaves us at one bottle when she wakes in the morning, one about 11am before nap time, and one just before bedtime. Today she fell asleep before she had the 11am bottle and was content to just have lunch when she woke up. My only concern is that she won't take the formula from a cup. We are less than 2 weeks from her first birthday, so I intend to give her a bit of whole milk soon and see if we can make that transition. I feel pretty good about how that's all going, though I would still say that food is one of my biggest parenting insecurities. I've parented 2 other children, but neither of them had typical dietary needs or eating abilities. This is all new to me.  If we are going by Elenaor, though, I'd say she's perfectly healthy...
There are definitely still plenty of fussy moments. I think this night of fussing was thanks to the top front tooth that has finally broken through (that's 7 teeth now) 
We're making it and loving it, but some days are more challenging than others. This cute little girl's screams are insane. She does it all the time for various reasons, but the screams that really get to me are in the car. She's never been a huge fan of the car, but these days she just screams when she's had enough (which is sometimes immediately upon being strapped into the car & non stop until we reach our destination). Vacation this summer? I'd rather set my hair on fire than ride in a car with Eleanor for any extended period of time!  I'm only being slightly dramatic here :-) I'm sure we'll take some sort of little trip, but I don't think it will be anything big this year.  There will be NO 12 hour road trip to the beach in our near future.  Our intention is to hold out and go on another BIG vacation next spring. 
Oh, but is she cute and curious! 
Helping Daddy change light bulbs...
Play date with Cheryl & her grandsons. 
On Saturday we went to an Arkansas Naturals baseball game as Drew's Father's Day gift. Tons of fun & Eleanor did really well.  
Playing with JR...
How's that for an ornery look? 
Playing ball with Great Grandpa Whimpy 
This girl. Sure do love her. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Weight watchers hasn't been going exactly as planned. Okay, it's not been going anywhere near as it should. There's always tomorrow. 
In completed unrelated news (cough, cough)... Eleanor had her first taste of a Krispy Kreme donut last Friday. She liked it, but I'm not sure she liked it anymore than green beans or strawberries. For that I am thankful. 
Being silly with Daddy. 
She's started signing "more" when she wants another bite. Smart girl. 
Sometimes you get caught in the rain and get soaked through. 
"Let me through!"
Not happy 
"Success! Momma forgot to close the gate!" 
Blueberry picking with Jessica, Nonnie & JR 
For the record, blueberry picking is hot & sweaty work. I think my blueberry picking itch had been scratched and I will be content to fork over the cash to purchase my already picked blueberries at the farmers market from now on :-)  
The eating of blueberries is going quite well, though. Eleanor loves them! I just punch them in half & feeds herself. 
Grandma LaGayle came over to play. 

Her new trick... Standing on her feet & hands. Yesterday she did a little shuffle like she was going to crawl/walk that way. Of course, when that gets tiring you can just rest on your head.