"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Summer is here and it's hot! Eleanor is handling the heat pretty well and has started drinking some water from a sippy cup, though she would rather have drinks of water from my cup. She seems to have given up her afternoon bottle as of last week. That leaves us at one bottle when she wakes in the morning, one about 11am before nap time, and one just before bedtime. Today she fell asleep before she had the 11am bottle and was content to just have lunch when she woke up. My only concern is that she won't take the formula from a cup. We are less than 2 weeks from her first birthday, so I intend to give her a bit of whole milk soon and see if we can make that transition. I feel pretty good about how that's all going, though I would still say that food is one of my biggest parenting insecurities. I've parented 2 other children, but neither of them had typical dietary needs or eating abilities. This is all new to me.  If we are going by Elenaor, though, I'd say she's perfectly healthy...
There are definitely still plenty of fussy moments. I think this night of fussing was thanks to the top front tooth that has finally broken through (that's 7 teeth now) 
We're making it and loving it, but some days are more challenging than others. This cute little girl's screams are insane. She does it all the time for various reasons, but the screams that really get to me are in the car. She's never been a huge fan of the car, but these days she just screams when she's had enough (which is sometimes immediately upon being strapped into the car & non stop until we reach our destination). Vacation this summer? I'd rather set my hair on fire than ride in a car with Eleanor for any extended period of time!  I'm only being slightly dramatic here :-) I'm sure we'll take some sort of little trip, but I don't think it will be anything big this year.  There will be NO 12 hour road trip to the beach in our near future.  Our intention is to hold out and go on another BIG vacation next spring. 
Oh, but is she cute and curious! 
Helping Daddy change light bulbs...
Play date with Cheryl & her grandsons. 
On Saturday we went to an Arkansas Naturals baseball game as Drew's Father's Day gift. Tons of fun & Eleanor did really well.  
Playing with JR...
How's that for an ornery look? 
Playing ball with Great Grandpa Whimpy 
This girl. Sure do love her. 

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