"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Monday, July 18, 2016

Baby Ninja

Eleanor is into all kinds of new things now that she's pulling up to stand, willing to let go with one hand while standing, reaching high to reach new levels while standing, climbing stairs (and stools & chairs) and generally moving like a baby ninja! 
"Hey, I climbed up 8 stairs last night. Who put up this gate while I was sleeping?" 
"I'm pretty sure I can get my entire body balanced on this small pillow." 
She spent half an hour working on getting her entire body on the pillow and off the carpet. 
"Check me out." 
"I'm in the chair, but now how do I turn around?" 
"I'll just stand up."
"Thanks for the help, Momma!"
BBQ at Jessica & Jason's new house. 
Drew talked everyone into playing the Pie In The Face game. Even his mom & dad! So funny! 
JR wanted to keep spinning until he got the whipped cream in the face. Silly kid. 
We were sitting in the back porch yesterday afternoon while Drew was working on a project. I had gotten these samples in the mail for Eleanor and she was having her snack in her high chair. I took this picture of the snack because I was thinking, "Kudos, Target. You sent me this super healthy, organic, gluten free snack that looks like rabbit food and my kid loves it. I'll have to buy some next time we're at Target." 
Then Drew asked for my help so I gave Eleanor another bite, laid the rest of the bar on the patio table and walked 10ft away to help Drew. When I turned back around I found Mac sitting in my chair, ponied up to the table and licking his lips. Apparently dogs also appreciate a healthy snack. Little toot. 
Squishy sleepy baby. Nothing better. 
I still think it's hilarious when she feeds herself yogurt. Disgusting, but hilarious. 

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