"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Monday, August 15, 2016


Woo pig sooie! 
Eleanor keeps getting in trouble for giving her food to Foose. She throws it on the ground or hangs her hand over the side of her chair and he comes and gets it.  He's so gentle and that makes it a tiny bit harder to get mad. I've finally started putting the dogs outside while she's eating, but the definite sign that she's done eating is when she starts throwing her food on the floor. It makes me crazy, she thinks it's funny. 
Just being silly. 
Tantrums happen. 
Good times playing in the backyard this weekend. This swing is the best $5 I ever spent at a yard sale. 
Olympic watching snuggles with Daddy. 
Stair climbing practice with Daddy. 
After months of unspoken concern and even more months of talking and prayer, Drew & I have decided to explore some other churches in our area. It's a SUPER difficult decision that is not being made lightly. We have had the same church home & family for 13 years. They've loved us through so much and that is not forgotten. We aren't anxious to leave that, but we are very much missing having a peer group in church.  Friends aren't everything, but Christian fellowship with other parents our age, and just as importantly- children Eleanor's age, is vital. We've tried a few new 
churches recently and have a few others we want to try. We haven't made any decisions and it's possible that we may decide that our home church is where God needs us to stay, but right now we feel like God is leading us to step out of our comfort zone and seek Him in different ways. Right now we have both agreed that we have to be willing to let God do the leading and be okay with not knowing the answer yet. We've shared this with a few people. Some have been supportive and encouraging, some have not. That makes it even harder and requires more faith on our part. We are both hopeful that we can maintain the relationships with our long times church family, no matter what the future holds. 

Hey God, we trust that you've got this. 

Yesterday we tried a church much larger than we are accustomed to. It was very different, but there were many people our age in attendance and we loved the children's program. While we went to worship, Eleanor was in a classroom with 7 other one year olds. She had a snack, played with other children her age, listened to a Bible story, and came home with a card about that story. We loved that and Eleanor seemed to as well.  
Also, my kid was really cute in her church outfit. Look how big she is. Y'all, she's growing up and we desperately want to be sure that we are teaching her and exposing her to all she needs & deserves. 

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Jessica McMullen said...

Praying y'all find the perfect church!!! 💗