"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Monday, August 8, 2016


Drew and I have been looking forward to the Olympics all summer. We parked our bums on the couch Friday evening for the opening ceremonies and spent a good portion of the weekend watching all kinds of events. 
Drew is fairly convinced that he could compete in fencing and says it doesn't look "that hard". Neither of us can make any sense out of Judo.  As I am for every Summer Olympics, I am consistently distracted by the skimpy uniforms of the male swimmers & divers and the female beach volleyball players. Mad props to their athletic ability and my apologies for staring at their bodies. But really, how do those tiny pieces of fabric keep all the bits & pieces covered during competition? I can't understand. 
Table tennis is no joke and definitely not the ping pong I remember from my childhood. Heck, I even sort of like watching Olympic soccer and I'm not a soccer fan. Eleanor is especially interested in water polo. Swimming pool and a ball? Win. Win. She just points at the television and says, "ball!" and makes excited noises. I have a hard time concentrating on the game because I think their hats are funny looking. I'm very mature like that. 
Gymnastics, though. Amazing. Men and women. Thier strength and balance is unbelievable.  Women, though. It's always what I look forward to the most. I find myself all tense and anxious for these girls. Yesterday evening Drew and I spent some serious time considering how we will juggle our life when Eleanor is training to be an Olympic gymnast. 

Me: but what will we do if the best trainer lives across the country? Will we uproot our entire lives for her success or tell her no, rob her of her destiny, and live with her resentment for the rest of our lives? 
Drew: she'll be so good that the trainer will come to her. 
Me: excellent point. 

To ease our anxiety over Eleanor's Olympic future, Drew demonstrated a few of his own gymnastic moves. I laughed so hard I almost choked on my food. Really, y'all, the Olympics are the best. Drew left this morning for a few days of work in Toronto, so we've been texting our Olympics commentary all evening. We are hilarious. You're all missing out. 
Other than Olympics... Eleanor has been super fussy. Don't know what the problem is, but it's not a great time. 
Much of today was like this. Don't let her shirt fool you. She did not love hugs. She didn't like anything most of the day. 
...Until it was almost bedtime and she was happy to tear all the paper towels off the roll, use the roll as a megaphone and then make imaginary snow angels on the kitchen floor. Kids are weird. 
From the last week...
In the dog bed with Mac. 
Reading with Daddy and Foose. 
We had to take Mac to the vet last week. His eyes have been goopy & nasty for a while and I finally decided what I was doing wasn't helping and we needed help. Turns out that he has dry eye. It's a common breed problem and most often shows up in middle age. He's an 8 year old Shih Tzu, so that makes sense. It doesn't sound bad until you realize he has little tear production in one eye and NO tear production in the other. It doesn't ever go away and if left untreated he will go blind (he already has some minor damage to his cornea from it). Two options: 1) put him on a $60+ a month prescription drop or 2) put artificial tears in his eyes multiple times a day for the rest of his life. I chose the artificial tears for now and we will only resort to the prescription if we absolutely have to. Good news, since starting him on the artificial tear ointment his eyes are 100% better. Thank goodness. 
Eleanor was mad in this picture because the dogs wanted my attention, too. It's a tough life when your siblings are dogs. Lol 
They follow Eleanor everywhere. They even hang out in the bathroom while I'm giving her a bath. (Heck, they're probably just enjoying a bit of a break!) 
Eleanor loves to sit on this little train, but she can't get on it by herself because it's a tad bit too tall. She finally figured out that if she pushes it over then she can climb on top of it. She wasn't sure what to do once she got there, but she was pretty happy with herself for getting that far.  (Drew just held his hand out so she wouldn't fall face first.)  She's obviously a future Olympian. 
Here's hoping that Eleanor is in a better mood tomorrow because her grumpiness is harshing my happy Olympic watching vibe. 

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