"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Sunday, September 4, 2016

14 Months

Here we are, at the 4th of the month again.  Yep, that means I'm doing a monthly birthday post for Eleanor.  I. Can't. Stop.  Each moment seems like a big moment that deserves to be recognized and celebrated. 

  • Weighs 21 pounds and wears a 12-18 month clothing size and size 2 shoe (tiny feet). 
  • Has 9 teeth, the newest of which is a top molar (Also, don't put your finger in there to check.  You WILL be bitten. Don't say I didn't warn you.)
  • Crawls, pulls up, and stands independently.
  • Cruising just a bit, but no real interest in walking just yet.
  • Thinks it's cool that her finger fits perfectly up her nostril. 
  • Still loves balls & books, and really loves her baby dolls. 
  • Can stack two blocks (which Mommy thinks is cool and developmentally significant, but Eleanor doesn't really care). 
  • Likes to stand at the windows and look outside. 
  • Is a big fan of the nursery at our new church.  Is always excited to see the other little kiddos and not sad to see us go at all!  This morning she was pointing and saying, "Down!" before we even got to the door of her classroom.  (P.S. this makes our mommy & daddy hearts super happy)
  • Recently discovered that she loves sausage, cinnamon raisin bread, potato salad, and baked beans (not all together, of course).  Still a big fan of strawberries, blueberries, watermelon, yogurt, and graham crackers. 
  • TALKS.  A.  LOT.   Lots of words.  I'm not even sure I could make you a list of all the things she says now.  I would have to work on it for a while.  Everyone who meets her marvels on how much she has to say and finds her Southern drawl quite adorable.  I agree.  Also, I've recently noticed that she throws much fewer fits from frustration over not being able to tell me what she wants and shows slightly more frustrations from telling me what she wants, me understanding, and then being told she can't have/do it.  It turns out that being able to express your feelings doesn't mean you always get your way.  Bummer. 

Aunt Becky jokingly (I think) offered to make us monthly stickers to last through Eleanor's 18th birthday, but in the absence of those, I just have some pretty pictures of a pretty girl.  This was before church this morning and since I already had the big camera out, I took advantage of the moment for a few photos. 

Don't know what this face was for, but it sure is expressive. 
 This might be my favorite picture of her to date.  It really captures her joy and big personality.  Oh, I love it.  (By the way, she was looking at her Daddy.  Daddies do that to their little girls, make their faces light up.) 

 Winking at Daddy.  It's so funny to watch because it's a full face, both eyes, wink and she's so pleased with herself for doing it. 

 And because I was holding the camera and we were all ready for church and looking pretty.  It was supposed to be a quick selfie, which would have meant a regular smile for the camera.  Instead, Drew pinched me right before I hit the button and I wound up with this... A real smile from both of us.  Those are the best. 
Same picture, but I always feel pretty in black in white.  It's my blog, I'll post two pictures of myself if I want to :)  

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