"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

I might be stuck.

Because chubby little baby ankles & tiny pink Converse deserve a picture. 
Check me out, there's a dog on my head. 
I might be stuck under my crib. Maybe. It's possible that I may need some assistance. 
On Saturday we met the Harris & McMullen cousins for a photo session. The first outfit theme was Razorback and Eleanor was looking super Hog fan cute before we left the house. 
Happy to see Nonnie. 
Eleanor wasn't exactly a great photo subject. She got fed up pretty quickly and once she started crying it went downhill quickly. Eventually I just went & sat in the back room and let everyone else handle her. JR was a champ and helped by letting her sit in his lap. 
Sometimes mommy makes everything better, sometimes mommy just makes it worse. Know what I mean? When everything was all over I snapped this selfie with her. Her eyes pretty well express her level of enthusiasm over the entire situation. 
Later that evening and ready for the Hogs to play. Clearly, me asking her to sit still for one more picture was completely unreasonable. 
But it was worth it because we got some great photos. We don't have the actual prints yet, but these little tid bits are delicious. 
Back in real life... my kid loves to wear the Mr. Potato Head glasses. 
...and my dad's old cowboy hat. 
Organizing Daddy's contact lenses in the bathroom floor while Mommy gets ready for the day. 
Crazy Mac. This entire huge house to hang out in (with a dog bed all his own) and he chooses to curl up on a burp cloth that fell on the floor. 

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