"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Monday, October 17, 2016

She's Sleeping

Let's all take a moment and give thanks that we have a child who sleeps.  Gladly sleeps.  12 straight hours a night is pretty normal, but we're wondering if she is having a growth spurt because she's been sleeping more than that the last few nights.  She went to bed at 8:30 last night and she's still asleep now (it's 9:30am).  13 hours and counting.  (not to mention that random falling asleep in the middle of a corn maze incident on Saturday)
So, I'm dressed for the day and I've had a cup of coffee... and you're getting an unplanned blog to read.  You're Welcome.  Happy Monday. 
Our community church group is getting better and better.  As we are getting to know everyone, the awkwardness that comes from being in a small group is fading and we are enjoying the process.  Last night we hosted the group and it went really well.  As usual, we started about 5:30pm with dinner (I made potato soup) and then about 6:45 the big kiddos went upstairs to play and the adults gathered in the living room for Bible study while the three youngest (all about a year old) played in the floor.  I'm so grateful to be settling in with this group of people and encouraging each other in our walks with Christ. 
Pictures from the last week...
Walmart.  Oh, Walmart.  I usually take Grandpa to the Neighborhood Market to shop once a week.  The store is smaller and it's mainly just groceries and a few household basics, so shopping is pretty straight to the point.  Last week he wanted to go to the big Walmart because he needed a belt.  The big Walmart is big.  One of the biggest, actually.  There's lots to look at and Grandpa sometimes just stops in random places to look at items and sometimes he buys those random items.  And Grandpa walks so slowly that my body doesn't always know how to keep pace.  Literally, I often find that my arms don't know how to swing when my feet are moving that slowly.  I'm not complaining, just noting.  Anyway... big store, slow walking Grandpa, lots to look at.  And Eleanor.  Eleanor, who is much less interested in riding these days because she's figuring out that she can walk.  Then Grandpa took a detour to the shoe section and I finally let Eleanor out of the cart.  I spent the rest of the time holding her hands and letting her tiny feet carry her up and down the aisles.  Interesting side note: Eleanor can walk faster than Grandpa. 
 Eleanor is a big Sesame Street fan.  Not just Elmo, but all the characters.  She has Sesame Street books that we read often and she gets to watch a 30 minutes episode in the afternoons after her nap.  She sits in her high chair, watches Elmo, and has a snack while I do dishes or start dinner or whatever.  But that's all the kiddie television she watches right now.  Except for one day last week when she was oh-so-grumpy and I had stuff to get done.  Within minutes I found her like this and remembered why we don't let her do it often.  She was kicked back in the floor, head propped on her blanket, pacifier in her mouth, and totally zoned out from the rest of the world.   
 Pushing Braeden on the train. 
 Tickles from Daddy. 
 Date night!  What?!  That hasn't happened in months and was much enjoyed. 
 Sassy girl, post church. 
Repeat after me... It's going to be a great week! It's going to be a great week!  It's going to be a great week!  Happy Monday, y'all. 

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