"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Friday, November 18, 2016


I love Fridays.  This morning Eleanor and I went to run a few errands and do a little shopping.  I'm trying to find her a pair of Converse sneakers in the next size up (that's not easy to do since her feet are still so tiny but she needs shoes for walking), so we went to the Promenade and declared it the perfect excuse to have an Auntie Ann's pretzel for breakfast. 
That look on Eleanor's face says, "This pretzel is delicious & my mouth is full.  Also, I'm quite happy snuggled up to my Mommy, but I really want to turn my head and look at the birds that are begging for a bit of my food." 

 The other day I stopped by the girls' gravesites just to check on things.  It was a beautiful sunny day and, for the first time, I let Eleanor run around and play a while.  It was kind of weird (I mean, this isn't the kind of scenario that any parent plans), but it was also kind of special. 
 Why sit in your chair when you could sit on the dog? 
 Girls Night Out with these lovely ladies is always a treat.  We are experts at eating and visiting; we aren't very good at taking selfies.  Heidi & Cheryl, we need to do two things.  One: we need to remember to take pictures together when the night is young and I am wearing lipstick.  Two: help me master that art of the perfect selfie camera angle so that I'm not always staring straight into the camera and looking like a goon while you ladies are looking so lovely. 
I always feel a tiny bit prettier in black & white (maybe I was born in the wrong time period) and it's my blog, so I'm changing the photo to my liking. 

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