"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Monday, November 7, 2016

Squeaky Pig

My kid is a rock star night sleeper.  She's a hit or miss napper.  The last two days have been really good for napping and I've already thanked God for that because Drew & I were feeling under the weather and really needed that quiet time to rest while she napped.  Today's napping experience...

I put Eleanor down for her nap, she quietly laid down in her crib with her blanket.  I left the room, shut the door behind me, feeling pretty good about myself for being able to do that.  Walked into the kitchen to turn on the baby monitor.  Monitor didn't work.  Remembered that I had to unplug the camera in her room this morning when I discovered that the humidifier had leaked all over the trunk it was sitting on.  Went back into her room to plug it in, shut the door again, she started crying.  Didn't cry long, then fell asleep.  Changed my clothes and got on the treadmill for some much needed exercise.  10 minutes in, Eleanor started crying.  Didn't fall back asleep.  I waited it out.  Still not back to sleep. I stopped the treadmill, went downstairs and into her room, laid her back down, left the room.  She kept crying.  I got back on the treadmill anyway.  She kept crying.  I considered calling the workout a lost cause.  She stopped crying.  I decided to power through the workout.  She started crying again.  Repeat four billion times (okay, fine, it was 30 minutes).  I finally turned the treadmill off and started downstairs to go get my baby.  Things got quiet, I checked the monitor in time to watch as she laid back down and went to sleep.  So, here I am on the computer.  I can't say that that workout was stress relieving (you try exercising while a toddler screams & cries through the video monitor, it's not ideal), but it was better than nothing. 
Since it appears that I have a few minutes, let's catch up on things.
Last week we took Nonnie to see her labradoodle puppy.  He's 6 weeks old now and will be ready to come home with her soon.  Eleanor had fun playing with the other pups...
 Nonnie had fun snuggling hers.  Everyone, this is Cooper and he is adorable. 
 Reading books with Grandpa. 
 My Grandma Browers came from Oklahoma City to visit for a few days last week.  We had such a great time visiting and catching up.  It took Eleanor a little while to warm up, but once she did she was awfully concerned about where Granny was at all times.  She would walk around the house yelling, "Nanny! Nanny!"  Even after she left to go back home, Eleanor was convinced that she was just upstairs.  She would go to the gate at the bottom of the stairs and yell up, "Nanny!"
Kayla, Granny B, Braeden & Eleanor
After the vet diagnosed Foose's licking problem, we went to the pet store in search of a few things to help him.  He can chew through and actually eat a rawhide bone in minutes, so we settled on a nylon bone that is meant for dogs that are vigorous chewers and need that extra stimulation (without being able to actually eat whatever they are chewing on).  As ridiculous as it seemed, we paid $20 for this large nylon chewing bone for him.  Eleanor spotted a squeaky pig dog toy and Daddy is a sucker, so we also bought the squeaky pig for her to play with.  Guess what?  Foose has zero interest in the nylon chewing bone and instead has extreme interest in the squeaky pig.  He and Eleanor have an ongoing battle over who gets to play with the pig.  He's so patient and gentle with her.  This picture pretty much sums up their attitudes. 
Foose: I want that pig so bad that drool is literally dripping out of my mouth right now, but I'm going to be nice to the baby. 
Eleanor: I know he wants this pig, so I'm going to stand here like I don't even know he exists and pretend like this pig is really important to me. 
 Like I said, Drew and I were feeling yucky this weekend, so we just did the best we  could with the parenting thing.  Eleanor pulled out every recipe, pot holder and kitchen towel that we own... and we just let her because, you know, sometimes you have to pick your battles. 
 We let her eat cookies because it made her happy. 
 And Daddy let her pull every singe tissue from the Kleenex box. 
Yeah, we were pretty much rocking the parenting thing this weekend.  The important part... we all survived and we are all feeling much better today. 

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