"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Friday, January 15, 2016


It's Friday and you may not think that that matters much to a stay at home mom, except that it does.  I take care of my Grandpa Monday-Thursday and so Friday is my day to do whatever else.  Today we picked up my mom for a shopping date.  Her Christmas gift to Eleanor was a shopping trip and that worked out perfectly because we were able to wait a couple of weeks and then shop for what she actually needs.  I think that everyone thought that everyone else would buy Eleanor clothes for Christmas, so hardly anyone actually did.  With her most recent growth spurt, 3-6 month clothing is definitely in the past and we've been left with almost no pajamas that fit.  So today we went shopping for the exciting stuff... pajamas and socks.  We hit the jackpot at Carter's and spent the rest of our shopping date having a yummy lunch.

 Back home and this little girl has one bare foot and seems quite pleased with herself and her loot. 
 We've spent some time playing in the floor...
and then some time in the walker while Mommy works in the kitchen.  She's all about dropping things for me to pick up and has the highest pitch squeal of excitement that I've ever heard.  I have a video, but can't seem to make it post properly.  Just use your imagination and imagine an ornery little giggle followed by a squeal so high pitched that it would put Mariah Carey to shame. 
Eleanor hasn't quite been her cheery self this week, just acting a little off.  Her nose is drippy and her routine hasn't recovered from the Christmas holiday festivities, so she hasn't been eating or sleeping so great.  No matter, she has happily moved from rice cereal with formula to mashed bananas.  A few weeks ago she was doing great eating homemade apple baby food, but that seemed to make her gassy and fussy, so we're giving that a break.  I've already got a batch of pear baby food made & in the freezer and last night I made a batch of peas for us to try next.  I steamed them and then pureed in the NutriBullet before using an ice tray to divide into servings and freeze for future use.  We'll see if she appreciates my efforts (which, by the way is SO easy and I really quite enjoy doing). 
I'm not sure that I mentioned this earlier and it is definitely worth announcing... I have, in my possession, the final decree of adoption.  It's been final for more than a week, but I now have the papers that say so.  There aren't really words to express how great this feels.  God is good.  All the time.  Now we wait for the birth certificate (it will have our names as her parents!) and then we can get a social security number so we can file our taxes.