"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Vacation: Part 1

Drew is on vacation for the next week!
Vacation: Part 1
On Friday we packed up and drove to Oklahoma City for my cousin Rebekah's wedding. Eleanor has been a pill for the last week or so, so I wasn't particularly looking forward to the drive, but she did really well and we made it in 3 1/2 hours. I wound up sitting in the back seat with her and all was well. 
We thought she would be ready to go to bed when we arrived, but she took right to our family & we stayed up a couple of hours visiting with everyone at the hotel. I finally had to declare it bed time because I was tired, but even back in the room... "Vacation is awesome!"
We did eventually sleep :-)  We ran around the next morning and made our first visit to the Hobby Lobby Outlet. Did you know there was such a thing?! And then the wedding. It was lovely and Rebekah was beautiful. For the record, I much prefer family reunions at a wedding than a funeral. 
I didn't do a great job of taking photos, so a few of these I've borrowed from family on Facebook. 
Joe, Jessica, me, Drew
Eleanor & Pam in the photo booth
After the wedding & reception, our family went to Ted's for dinner. It's yummy Mexican food and we had a great room where we could eat & visit. 
All of the cousins who were present, a few spouses, Eleanor & Grandma. 
The "big kids" & Grandma (Eleanor got to stay for this pic bc she was happy with Granma, of course). 
By the end of the day we were worn out and happy to snuggle in to bed. 
Except that an overstimulated baby has a difficult time unwinding enough to go to sleep. 
Our plan was to hit the road this morning, but stuff happens. We slept late, had breakfast, visited with family a bit longer and then stopped at Grandma's for a quick visit. Eleanor got a quick make up lesson from Aunt Sallie and the promise of a real lesson when she's old enough. 
We loaded up and started out for Casey's, about a 4 hour drive from OKC. Okay, fine, we may have gotten distracted again before we even made it out of OKC. FYI, the Outlet Shoppes are worth the stop. Eleanor loves her new Sven toy from the Disney Store. 

And then the drive... 
Eleanor wasn't a fan & the last hour was less than peaceful. 
But we made it and the cousins were so happy to see each other. 
Casey's sheep have new lambs and I just couldn't resist. 
Me: ahh! Take our picture! 
Drew: no, we look like city slickers. 
Me: we are city slickers and this lamb is adorable. Take our picture! 
We enjoyed our evening together, Sasha did chores, Casey made dinner, Drew helped me hang the curtains I made for their house, and the kids played. 
Oh yeah, remember how I said Eleanor has been a pill? She's getting new teeth and we just noticed! Poor kid. One is breaking through and at least one (maybe more) are on the way. I've even checked her gums a few times in the last week and didn't see anything, but these teeth aren't where I expected them. That's our kid, already doing things her own way. Yay for new teeth! 
We're back in the hotel for the night and looking forward to a good night of sleep and a day of fun with Casey's crew tomorrow. Stay tuned for Vacation: Part 2