"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Vacation: part 2 (kind of)

I've got tons of photos on my camera, but I've only got access to blog the ones on my phone until we get home to a computer. The last two days have made for a fun & productive visit with Casey's family. Here's a hint of what's been going on. 
Casey & Drew had plans to do a repair on Casey's truck yesterday. What could have been a fairly quick repair turned in to an all day event thanks to a stubborn part and multiple trips to the auto part store (that is 20+ miles from Casey's house). They got it done though, and it's good to go. 
Sasha rocked Eleanor to sleep and got a good dose of baby snuggles. 
Today we met up for lunch in town (where we are staying in a hotel). Tessa fell in the parking lot and skinned her hand. Her daddy made it all better with some vet wrap and electrical tape (which he apparently has in his truck at all times). For real. Ah, the life of a country girl. 
It was SO VERY windy today, so while the guys worked outside, Sasha & I stayed in the house with the kids. This dog's name is Cat (yes, a dog named Cat) and she is the most patient dog I have ever met. Ever. 
Drew & Casey installed a storm door on the house. 
Tessa wants to hold Eleanor so badly. She's finally accepted the fact that Eleanor wants to sit up and not lay back like a little baby any more. Everyone is happy. 
The kids love the new book that Grandma Browers sent for them. I must have read it 20 times today. 
Once the storm door was installed, the guys proceeded to put up flood lights on the shed & barn. It was crazy windy (I'm talking sustained winds between 20 & 30 mph), but they got it done. Sasha had to take care of the animals. I sat in the floor and played cars with the kids. 
I would really like for everyone to acknowledge how cool I've been to let Eleanor scoot all over the floor, get filthy, and be a country girl for a few days. Yep, that's my kid chewing the collar off the dog. Well, Cat. Cat the dog. 
"What are these? Whiskers?" 
With the flood lights done and the animals cared for, we all sat down for dinner. Then... Dust storm. It was one of the craziest things I've ever seen. Casey & Sasha bolted out of the house to get the puppies out of the kennels and into better shelter before it hit. Casey paused long enough to say, "want to see a dust wall moving in?" 
Yeah. That's dust. A wall of it. Moving toward us. 
Drew ran out to help get animals to safety and I stayed in the house with Tessa, Payson, Eleanor, Cat (the dog), Duck (the dog), and two tiny puppies that needed extra attention. Did I mention that it was time for Eleanor's bottle and she wasn't about to let me forget? I had it under control. 
I wish I could explain what it was like. These pictures I took through the window don't capture it at all. 
Once the dirt arrived, the wind was unbelievable. It blew things away, knocked over the grill, and sounded wicked. Drew, Sasha & Casey got sandblasted pretty good before they got the most vulnerable animals to shelter and made it back into the house. I don't even know how strong the wind gusts were. Drew and I waited a while and then decided it was safe enough for us to make the 20 mile drive to our hotel in town. There were emergency vehicles in one spot keeping an eye on a few hot spots and trying to prevent spreading fires. As far as we know, no fires have spread. There were sustained winds, bigger gusts, and bursts of dust & debris, but we made it back to the hotel okay. 
Honestly, it was kind of exciting. A bit scary and a definite reminder of how powerful & relentless nature can be, but still exciting. Also, I'm a city girl. I love visiting out here and getting a peek at the life Casey & Sasha live, but I sure am spoiled to the comforts of my normal life. 
We will head out tomorrow and make the drive home. Anyone who cares to say a prayer for our 7+ hour drive home with Eleanor is welcome to do so :-)