"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Monday, May 9, 2016


I can't even express to you how much our world has changed since Eleanor started crawling. Holy cow. Remember when she used to stay where we put her? Yeah, that's over. History. Long gone. Days of old. Welcome to the present, where you better pay attention and you better be quick! 
I think I've got a week of pictures to catch up on. Let's do this. 
Really interested in Corbin and itching for him to get out and play. 
Dash now has to hop up in Grandpa's lap when he needs a break from Eleanor. 
Modeling her new flamingo pajamas after our shopping date with Grandma LaGayle. (Also, the picture is blurry because getting a picture of her is nearly impossible when she's on the move.) 
And me modeling my new hat from Mom.  Eleanor isn't so sure about it :-) 
You're never too young for a morning at the salon (and mommy is hilarious with foil & color in her hair). 
New hair selfie with Kendra. 

Finally started clapping her hands and was really tickled with herself. 
I got a big surprise on Friday when these beautiful flowers arrived at my door. Drew said they were Eleanor's idea. He's so sweet. I didn't do this on purpose, but I especially love that this picture shows my Mother's Day flowers and pictures of all three of my girls. 
More new pajamas (and a giant smile). 
Beautiful sunny day for baseball!  Also, our wagon is awesome. 
Even Kayla wound up in the wagon, just to share a bit of Eleanor's shade. 
There was a diaper situation that required a wardrobe change. Why does that only happen when we are in public? 
Me & Misty, because we're cute :-) 
Drew hates slefies, but he loves me. 
Stacey even came for a while & it's always so good to see him. 
This girl loves her Daddy (and just look at how he loves her). Swoon. 
Beautiful, happy girls. 

With Uncle Kyle. He's a keeper. 
Like father, like daughter. Up late, sprawled on the couch, and watching tv. 
Mother's Day was a bit stressful, actually. I'm often surprised at the emotions that bubble up on certain days. Emotions for Alex & Emma. Emotions for Eleanor's birth mom. Emotions over this ornery baby that spent the vast majority of yesterday crying, fussing and whining.
Thank God for eventual sweet sleep.