"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Monday, October 3, 2016


It's October, but it's still quite warm this week.  80+ degrees.  Perfect for playing outside.  It's really a shame that we don't take more photos of Eleanor.  I mean, really, she's going to grow up thinking, "I wonder what I looked like at this age or what I was doing at that age?"  (cough, cough)  This child's life may be more well documented than any other in the history of forever.  I suck at keeping a baby book (I have one and keep telling myself I'll go back and fill it out), but this blog is a treasure trove of photos and moments in our life.  We were playing basketball and Drew sat down with Eleanor for a break.  I ran in for the camera (because let's face it, I'm the crazy camera lady).  As luck would have it, I snapped my first photo right after Eleanor hit Drew in the face with her mini basketball.  Drew said, "That's not bloggable."  We negotiated.  I'm blogging it. 

No better place for walking than barefoot in the grass. 

 Walking with Daddy.  One handed takes more effort, but she's doing great and it's adorable. 

 Did you know that we have a fire hydrant on the outside of our privacy fence?  I forget about it all the time, but once I caught a glimpse of it I just had to take a few photos.  Seems artistic, no? 

 Did I mention that Eleanor took her first independent steps yesterday?!  She took three steps all by herself to get from me to Drew and we cheered like she had won an Olympic Gold!  I'm not sure that that makes her a walker now, but it's pretty darn close and I have a feeling that she will be toddling all over very soon!