"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Friday, November 4, 2016

16 Months

Yep, it's that day again.  The 4th of the month when I go overboard with the details of our daughter and all the amazing ways she is growing.  16 months.  Sixteen.  Geez, time is flying. 
She's been snotty nosed & dealing with a yucky cough (particularly at night), but she's still managing to do something new nearly every day and I am consistently amazed at how she is learning, growing, and developing.  Monthly stats:
  • 21 pounds 14 ounces (which I only know because I took her to the doctor the other day for a snotty nose and nasty night time cough) and not quite 30 inches tall.  She's wearing an 18 month size clothing and size 3 shoe. 
  • Officially walking.  For real, 100%, definitely walking.  Until a couple of days ago she was still only taking 10 or 12 steps to get from here to there, but now she's just walking around the house because she feels like it.  She just wanders around the house on foot now and it's awesome.  She stops, squats down, turns around, makes corners, carefully steps over things... and just keeps walking.  My heart does all these happy little flips at the sight of her walking around like a big girl with places to go.   
  • Talks ALL THE TIME.  Today she started saying "Foose" and it's the cutest thing I've ever heard.  He's no longer just "dog".  He's "Foose".  It's adorable. 
  • Speaking of talking... she's starting saying "no".  She hasn't said it hatefully to us just yet, but when she disagrees with something she shakes her head back & forth, makes eye contact with us and gently (but convincingly) says, "No."   
  • She's all about books.  She picks out a book, brings it to me, puts her hands up for me to pick her up, and then she sits and my lap as we read it.  We may read it 1 time or 10 times, but when she's done she walks over to fetch another book and we do it all over again.  She likes to point out & name the things she recognizes (or is learning) and loves to turn the pages.  We've learned that if you say, "Do you see the ____?"  that she will bug her eyes out and stare straight at the object, but if you want her to actually point it out then you have to specifically say, "Can you point to the ____?"  We're not budging from our opinion that she's uber smart. 
  • Likes to watch Sesame Street and football (seriously, I'm not kidding about the football thing.  We went to Best Buy the other day and they had only one television playing football.  She spotted it and started yelling "Football!" and I wound up standing there watching football with her while Drew did his shopping.)  Yep.  Elmo & football.  If there was an episode of Elmo playing football then she would be in heaven. 
  • Favorite food this month is probably bread.  I wish it wasn't, but it is.  I'm a bread lover, she's a bread lover.  It was bound to happen.  Least favorite food this month: anything that's a vegetable.  Tonight we had Chinese food for dinner.  She loved the chicken and sweet & sour sauce.  She also ate part of my egg roll, but she carefully picked out each and every pea and piece of carrot from her fried rice and tossed it over the side of her high chair.
I didn't take any special photos of her today, but I do have these super cute shots from my phone from yesterday.  We ordered her her own little easy chair for the living room and when it arrived yesterday I took these pictures of her checking it out for the first time.  She's loving it (and also getting in a bit of trouble because she likes to stand up in it!).