"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Right about now I'm wishing I had a laptop instead of desk top. Can't exactly carry that desk top around with me and typing all of this on my phone is possible but not ideal. I haven't even blogged photos and stories from our Thanksgiving trip to Oklahoma to see Casey's family, but there are other things to deal with. 
Grandpa had a fall at home last week. He wasn't injured, but he was wobbly & weak and I was super worried about him being there alone. Misty stepped up and we arranged for two caregivers to check in on him and be on call in case of emergency so that we could all still make the trip. Misty's parents and Drew's mom took him food two days and we just called him a couple times a day to make sure he was okay. I prayed hard about that before and during the entire trip and God did me a solid because Grandpa's weekend was uneventful and I got to spend a few days with both of my brothers and our families for the first time since Casey moved almost 2 years ago. And while the drive is long, I also needed that uninterrupted travel & together time with just Drew & Eleanor. It was a blessing and I'm grateful. 
We got home Sunday, Grandpa was doing pretty good and then... Grandpa had another fall yesterday (Tuesday) morning. His LifeLine detected the fall and called 911. They had to break the door down, but they got in and checked him out right before I got there. They determined he didn't need emergency room care and left. It didn't take me long to realize he needed somebody to check things out, so I made an appointment with his regular doctor. Then I realized he wasn't going to be able to walk on his own at all. Drew came to get Eleanor, Kyle came to help with Grandpa and we got him to the doctor. A long wait and short exam later and they sent us to the hospital anyway. So here he is, in the hospital. He's super weak, in a bit of pain, and pretty confused. Nothing is broken, thank God. He does have an infection and they think it's a UTI. (Those can be nasty in he elderly.)  He's on antibiotics and hopefully that will take care of the infection. He is really weak and is going to need quite a bit of therapy to regain strength and function. He will most likely be in the hospital a few days and then go to a skilled rehab facility where they can care for his personal needs and he can get physical therapy. We don't have any way to know how long that will last or what he will need after that. 
He knows where he is, but is also saying things that make zero sense. For example, he just looked at me and said, "Today's the 30th, isn't it?"  (I was impressed.) But in the next breath he asked, "Have you talked to Cleve today?" That one got to me a little since it is almost exactly two years since we did this very thing with Dad and he died a few weeks later. 

Deep breath. One day at a time. Please pray for God's guidance and that we will be led to the place where Grandpa can get the care he needs.