"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Monday, December 5, 2016

McCarty Thanksgiving

I'm double posting today so I can play catch up.  We had a fabulous time at Casey & Sasha's house for Thanksgiving.  Mom & Grandpa weren't able to make the long trip, but it was really nice to have my family, Kyle's family, and Casey's family in the same place for a few days.  The kids played, the grown ups visited, and we all did a lot of laughing.  The three of us have all chosen different lifestyles, but when we are all together we have the best time and I'm so grateful for them.  Eleanor got to be a country girl for a few days and I'd just like everyone to acknowledge that I let her play in the dirt and get filthy.  I'll just share a ton of photos and leave those to do the story telling. 


Can you believe it?  Yesterday was the 4th of the month and I didn't write about Eleanor turning 17 months old.  I'm obviously a failure as a parent (cough, cough).  My mind has been so preoccupied with Grandpa that I've been something of a hot mess this week.  So, let's make this a double post. 
Part 1

Grandpa seemed like his normal self yesterday and that was refreshing.  His mind is working as clear as it was a couple of weeks ago and that gives me hope that he will not have to transition into long term care.  The delirium from the hospital is all gone and that's good news.  He still can't walk, but even the aides made a comment yesterday about how he's supporting more of his own weight during transfers from the chair to the bed.  I think he will be super worn out in the coming days as therapy gets him up and moving, but it's exactly what he needs and I'm grateful.  I would still guess that he will need several weeks of therapy (minimum) but it's entirely possible that he will regain enough strength and function to "graduate" from rehab in the next couple of months. 

Part 2

Eleanor is 17 months old!  (I hesitate now when someone asks me how old she is.  Should I just say "a year" or do I still specify months?  At what age does a parent stop specifying age by months?  Who am I kidding?  I'm pretty sure each of you who read this are expecting that I will write monthly Eleanor updates from now until she graduates college!  "How old is your daughter?"  "She'll be 196 months on the 4th!")  Stats:
  • Talks, talks, talks, talks.  Has tons of new words this month.  Her current favorite word is "WHOA!"  Everything deserves a "WHOA!"  If she falls down, if she sees something interesting, if something takes her by surprise... the response is always "WHOA!" with wide eyes and great enthusiasm.  She's also got the "No" thing down pat and isn't afraid to use it.  FYI, it's not cute anymore.  It's a full force, toddler with attitude, "NO!"   I'm trying to use other ways to correct her these days, because I can't really blame her for swatting and yelling "NO!" if that is what I always do to her when I don't want her to do something. 
  • Favorite past time: shutting doors.  Don't leave a door open anywhere, because Eleanor will go in and shut the door behind her.  Empty rooms, dark closets... she doesn't care.  She gets quite a kick out of it. 
  • Speaking of the dark... she's not at all bothered by a pitch black closet, but the glare off my phone in the sun or a fly buzzing around her high chair is enough to make her lose her mind. 
  • Wears an 18 month size clothing and size 3 shoe. 
  • Still gets a bottle.  Don't judge.  Or do judge, I don't care.  We're doing what works for us.  She gets whole milk in the morning, diluted juice about noon, and whole milk in the evening.  She is, however, finally drinking more and more volume from a cup and I think the bottle will be phasing out soon.  I've not pushed it in the last couple of weeks because there's been so much else going on. 
  • Tells me when she has to poop.  I've been told that this means she needs a potty chair, so Amazon should be delivering a brand new potty chair any day now.  I don't know if this means we are about to start full on potty training or if it will just be an every now and then thing for a while.  All I do know is that she comes to me and tells me "poopy" before she starts pushing.  Too much information?  Too bad, because I'm bound to have more potty training stories in the months to come. 
  • She is super concerned about where  Mommy & Daddy are lately.  She's suddenly quite picky about who she likes and who she doesn't.  I apologize now if she hurts your feelings, because she will tell you, very loudly, if she doesn't want you near her.  (Enter that lovely two letter word... NO.)  Yesterday at church I had to actually peel her off of me to leave her in her classroom.  She's got a short list of favorite people right now and I'm just grateful that I'm on the list.  Seriously, somebody remind me of this when she's a teenager and wants nothing to do with me.
  • Pacifier?  Yeah, she must have read what I wrote last month about only wanting it when it's time to sleep.  She's a little more attached to it in the last couple of weeks and I'm just going with it. 
Pictures from the last couple of days. 
We decided that the girls' Mickey ears weren't doing any good in a box, so we're letting Eleanor play with them.  Maybe in a few years we'll take a vacation and she can get her own.   
 At the tire shop this morning.  An estimated 45 minutes turned in to 2 hours and after a certain point I made the decision to let her be.  Yes, the floor was filthy, but I'm pretty sure she'll survive.  Also, that blanket it already in the wash. 

 I mean, really.  Isn't this angelic?  It wasn't posed at all, I just happened to catch her at the perfect moment before church yesterday. 
The posed picture I tried to get after that...
I love this picture.  A girl & her very patient dog.