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-Henry David Thoreau

Monday, January 16, 2017

Owie Update

Eleanor is handling the broken finger like a champ.  We gave her a dose of the pain medication on Thursday and some ibuprofen on Friday, but she hasn't required anything for pain since then.  She wasn't a fan of me taking off the splint to clean the finger on Friday, but she survived.  On Saturday she pulled the entire splint off in the car without crying.  Twice.  She's definitely aware of it and will hold it up and say "owie", but hardly ever acts like its painful.  Going on the ER docs advice, we are skipping the orthopedic surgeon visit and just letting it heal in the splint. 
Empty gift cards and pretty jewelry make everything better.  This is what I got when I asked if I could see her owie to take a picture.   
One thing that is more messed up than her finger is her sleep schedule.  Staying up in the ER until 2:30am and then spending one day drowsy on pain medication really kicked off a screwy schedule.  She wants to stay up later & sleep later.  That part we could handle well enough, but nap time is all jacked up.  Her "normal" (and I use quotation marks because the entire idea of normal is such a joke to me) was to lay down for a nap about 1pm and sleep 2-3 hours.  Yesterday I laid her down just after 1pm and at 3pm she was still doing laps in her crib and raking her finger splint across the crib slats.  She was happy enough, but she would not go to sleep and we knew that community group would be a mess if she didn't have a nap.  She started fussing about 3 so I went in, changed her diaper, and laid her back down.  It took another half hour, but she finally went to sleep and slept just over an hour.  Today I waited until she acted sleepy and then laid her down just after 2.  At 3:30 she was still running sprints from one end of the crib to the other and then flopping down in laughter.  She'll find a new routine and we'll settle in just fine.  In the mean time it sure is funny to watch her through the video monitor and listen to the conversations she has with herself. 
Other stuff...
I tried a Pioneer Woman recipe for beef stew last week and wasn't impressed.  Everyone said it was fine, but I didn't care for it and expected something much more appetizing for all the effort that the recipe required.  I'm trying a new recipe for meatloaf tonight (no McCormick mixes here!) and I'll let you know how it goes.  I'm enjoying trying new things and building my own collection of go-to recipes that my family enjoys. 
Having pretend lunch with her friend Dale last week.
Guess who has enough hair to wear a bow now?  And guess who is beginning to think that that's a pretty good idea?  Disclaimer: Wearing a bow cannot, under any circumstances, be Mommy's idea.  It must ALWAYS be Eleanor's idea and then we must shower her with compliments.  
 I saw this online the other day and sent it to Drew.  It's so true.  I'm scary in the morning and sometimes Drew has the nerve to say Good Morning to me.  Can you believe it?  The nerve of that man! 
 Hanging out with her friend Gertie at community group last night. 
 Trying to snap a picture of her this afternoon.  I barely got one still photo before she took off. 

She's got a few new words this week, but I'm having a hard time distinguishing some of them without context.  For example, when she started staying "triangle", it was obvious that that was what she was saying.  Now that she's saying triangle, rectangle, and bicycle, I can't tell what word she is saying without context.  Once I see what she's pointing at, then I can figure it out.  Also, as is the rule among all toddlers, if I am with people who don't see her often and I ask her a perfectly reasonable question, she will babble something ridiculous at me or simply act like she has no idea what I'm talking about. 

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