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-Henry David Thoreau

Thursday, February 16, 2017


The ribs that I made on Monday were fantastic.  I'm not going to win any awards for my food photography, but they were definitely worth sharing.  Falling off the bone tender and great flavor.  The recipe is a bit vague, but it's still one I'll hold on to.  HERE it is if you're interested. 
 Today Eleanor had her slightly belated 18 month well child  check up.  She was not impressed in the slightest.  In the waiting room she was excited to see toys, but insisted on licking things.  Once I told her not to lick things, she HAD to lick everything.  We never have to wait long at our clinic, but today we were 15 minutes early and the doctor was 20 minutes behind.  It was the longest 35 minutes of waiting room licking that I've ever experienced.  Ah, toddlers.  If there were sick germs to be picked up in that waiting room, I feel certain that Eleanor thoroughly ingested them. 
No sooner than the nurse called us back, Eleanor lost her sh*t.  No more happy, sassy, toy licking toddler.  Nope.  Freaking out, screaming, "OWIE!" toddler arrived in full force.  She cried through being measured and weighed and when the nurse left she started slapping her thigh and saying, "owie!"  repeatedly.  Y'all, she can't possibly have memories of previous vaccinations, could she?  It's been months since her last shot.  She was insistent, though, and was not about to be comforted by me.  So I took a picture.  Poor, ornery, unhappy Eleanor. 
She weighs 23.7 pounds (50th percentile) and is 31 inches tall (10th percentile).  That keeps her exactly on the same curve of the growth chart that she's been on and is perfectly healthy. 
 "I'm leaving.  I'm not staying here.  You can't stop me.  (screams) Also, could you open this door for me? The handle seems to be a bit high." 
 Dr. Swindle was lovely, as always.  He was patient and accommodating to Eleanor (and me, too).  He apologized for our wait (it really wasn't that long) and then said he had seen Eleanor playing and talking in the waiting room and that she was really doing well.  (Side note: I'm super glad I didn't lose my cool with the crazy toddler baby in the waiting room since doctor eyes were apparently watching.)  Physically, she's healthy.  She was a late walker, but you can't tell it now.  She's doing all she's supposed to be doing physically and she's ahead of the game in vocabulary, cognition, and temperament.  I could have told you that.  He tried to comfort me (Eleanor had me a little frazzled) by assuring me that this stranger danger and panicky protest of the last two months is completely normal toddler behavior.  Eleanor was so kind as to elaborately demonstrate her sass, attitude, vocal abilities, and displeasure over everything.  Sweet Dr. Swindle said multiple times that it seems she is just getting a head start on being a two year old and it's totally normal.  They must teach pediatricians not to use the phrase "Terrible Twos" in front of weary mommas of 19 month old diva children.  Then he left, the nurse came in, and Eleanor got two vaccinations.  I felt guilty over this since she had been slapping her thigh and telling me "owie" since we arrived and all I could say was, "It's okay."  She's been sure to remind me of her owie multiple times in the hours since.  This post-vaccination expression on my child's face is one of irritation, discomfort, and distrust.  I'm making a frowny face to show my solidarity. 
As long as we're on the subject of early Terrible Twos... Eleanor is becoming more and more difficult to distract.  If she wants it, she's going to do her best to NOT LET IT GO.  We've been so spoiled by the warm temperatures lately and lots of playing outside.  Eleanor points outside and says, "Grass!" when she wants to go outside, which is ALL THE TIME.  She thinks that if we're putting her jacket on that she is about to go out and play.  (Side note: "Grass" does not mean just any old grass.  It specifically means back yard grass.  Don't mess that up or the backlash is noteworthy.)  On Tuesday it was raining and 40 degrees.  That didn't stop Eleanor from absolutely insisting on going outside.  This went on for hours.  HOURS.  I finally decided that the best way to end the issue was to let her go outside and feel how cold and wet it was.  I put her boots and jacket on and sat her on the back porch.  She stood there for a few minutes saying, "Uh Oh!" because the concrete was wet and I knew for sure that I had won the battle. 
 Then she ventured out into the actual rain and I was certain that she was about to call out for me to rescue her from the cold, dreary, wet, nastiness of the back yard. 
 Then she took off across the yard with squeals of delight and I knew my plan had backfired completely. 

 I had to haul her inside, dry her hair, and snuggle her to warm up.  The rest of the evening wasn't fun, but we survived.  Just to demonstrate her ability to hang on to the thing she really wants... photos from the next day over the exact same issue.  "Grass!"

A few more, just to show that she's not always a screaming, irrational, insistent toddler.  Sometimes she's just cute and sweet and cute some more. 

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