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-Henry David Thoreau

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Big Girl Hair

Last year we took a little of the stringy baby fuzz off the back of Eleanor's head, but today she had her first "real" hair cut.  Kendra's been doing my hair for 9 years and she cut Alex & Emma's hair for years.  We just love her and I continue making the 40 minute drive back to Siloam every other month so she can keep me pretty.  Eleanor was most excited about sitting in all the different chairs in the salon and not at all excited for anyone to actually touch her hair.  I bribed her with Cheetos and the actual hair cut took about 3 minutes (during which she screamed), but the next hour or so was spent playing with Kendra's earrings, splashing water in the shampoo bowl (which she called a bath), and putting on lipstick.  I think Kendra may have won her affections and next time Eleanor will be excited instead of skeptical.  Such girly fun! 

 Admiring the After:
 Oh my goodness, such a big girl hair cut! 

She spent the entire drive home repeating, "Kendra!  Chair!  Hair Pretty! Bath!  Lipstick!" and then making kissy noises as she smacked her lips.  God is good, y'all! 

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jetandmaddox said...

Hahahha I just love yall. That is adorable ❤